Something Shifty

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Shifters, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, MM
Word Count: 40,680
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Professor Seth Dustin thinks he’s alone in the world, but when he meets another shifter, he’s forced to reevaluate his whole life. Dex Connor is gorgeous, talented, and male—everything Seth had no idea he wanted.

However, when Seth discovers Dex is keeping dangerous secrets from him, he must decide if he can forgive the man who has become his closest friend, the man who stole his heart. Seth never expected to find himself in the midst of a territorial fight with a rival clan. He doesn’t know how to deal with the jealous hostility of a woman who wants Dex for herself. Love is unexpectedly complicated, but is being alone better?

Rocker, shifter, mate: Dex is all of these, and more. Professor, shifter, loner: Seth wants more. When two shifters meet, instinct takes over.



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What are people saying about Something Shifty?

Rainbow Book Reviews

With an interesting, and slightly different shifter world, this is a story about figuring out what’s really important and how to deal with the totally unexpected. It contains two interesting main characters, a well-meaning but meddling sister, another clan interested in taking over, and two journeys of discovery that can only be completed with the help of another man. I liked that both men were somewhat damaged, if in very different ways, but had learned to deal with their lives and were just getting on with things. Needless to say, I liked even better that they ended up being able to help each other.

Seth is a very hot English professor, who knows he is a shifter but doesn’t know any others of his kind. He’s resigned himself to being the only one, and when he meets Delila, he is as shocked as he is delighted to have found one more. Meeting her “friend” Dex (who is actually her brother, but he is a famous rock star, so she wants him to be incognito) is actually far more exciting – except Seth never knew he could be interested in a man as a lover.

Dex is the son of a clan leader who has lost the ability to shift. His father is homophobic and doesn’t teach him any of the things he needs to know, resulting in Dex being clueless abut many things when  his parents die in a car crash and leave him to lead the clan from now on. Interestingly, even though Dex knows nothing about shifter culture, he turns out to be just what Dex needed to help him deal with his new leadership position and the rival clan that attacks, thinking he is weak and easy prey.

The passion between these two men is palpable, but so is the acceptance and friendship, their ability to share and support each other. If you like shifter stories with a difference, if you enjoy reading about two men who discover as much about themselves as they do about the man they’re falling in love with, and if you’re looking for a hot read with a bit of tension and lots of secrets, you will probably like this short book.

Reviewer: Serena Yates


The To Be Read Pile

Rating: 4 stars – A Recommended Read.
Heat: 5 Handcuffs – Orgasmic.

Sometimes it takes losing everything to truly appreciate what you have. Dex Connor is a major rock star with an even more amazing group of people surrounding him but even so, it hurts him when is parents die before they can mend fences. As if he wasn‘t dealing with enough between his lost shifter abilities and their death, a great amount of responsibility is put on his shoulders to not only lead the clan but to find a mate. He feels as though the world is crumbling beneath his feet but when he meets Seth Dustin he learns that things often happen for a reason.

I really enjoyed this unique twist to the usual shifter plot. It’s fast paced, entertaining, and beyond sexy. It might be a bit much for some people but I like to think it’s just the right amount of sizzle
unfortunately the more we get into the spiciness we see a bit of repetitiveness in the plot.

I loved the characters and not just the main ones. There is a whole cast of characters in this book and each one is very different and well written. They blend well amongst each other creating some really rich and enjoyable dialogue. However, there is not enough background detail given to the most important
characters. There especially needed to be more rounding out when it came to Seth Dustin, especially as you expected it to be this big thing at the end where it would be revealed and instead there is disappointment because you find out nothing!

Despite some of the minor glitches, it’s a really good book that I know I’m guaranteed to pick up and reread again.

TBR Reviewer: Luta Wolf


 The Romance Reviews (TRR)

Rating: 4 stars

SOMETHING SHIFTY is an above-average MM shifter romance with two good leads, a strong romance, and world building I’d like to read more of.

Professor Seth is the only shifter he’s ever known and his loneliness has prevented him from any meaningful relationships until he meets Dex. Dex is the new alpha of his shifter clan and a rock star. He’s not prepared to meet Seth or for them to be in the middle of a territory dispute with a rival, homophobic shifter clan.

This is a very good romance between Seth and Dex. It happens quickly, yes, but it’s got good emotional intimacy as well as sexual. I really love the low-drama of Seth accepting his desire for Dex since he hadn’t previously been attracted to men. Usually this addition irritates me in stories but here, this was good romance storytelling. This book does use the destined mate trope so familiar to shifter stories but it has a few new accessories that freshened it up for me.

I also liked the plot involving a rival, homophobic clan who are plotting to destroy Dex and take over his clan. This provided a strong plot and showcased the importance of Seth and Dex’s relationship to his clan.

The secondary characters are also very good here, especially Dex’s spitfire sister. The integration of the rock star element to the shifter story seemed odd at first but with the secondary characters explained, it became a well executed novella.

SOMETHING SHIFTY is a very good read I enjoyed and hope becomes a series.

TRR Reviewer: J9


Night Owl Reviews

Rating: 4 1/2 stars! A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

Something Shifty is an artfully created love story that whittles its way into a reader’s heart and soul. This seductive narrative of self-discovery, love, tenderness and patience gives great meaning to the quote “Good things happen to those who can wait”. That quote bounced around in my mind as I read and savored the juiciness of this meaty story. Sensational energy is depicted so cleverly by Erin M. Leaf in this well-coordinated, realistic narrative of shape-shifters of the respected pack.

When things become open and unlimited love crystallizes and the multi-dimensional aspects made me want to cheer during this fast paced read. The smooth writing style made Something Shifty irresistible and I wrapped myself up in the carnal passions of the love and understanding of an accepting association of a loyal clan.

Love it 4.5 stars

Reviewer: Bookshifter


Two Lips Reviews

Rating: 5 stars!

Something Shifty by Erin M. Leaf is a sweet story about two men who really have a lot in common and have needs that blend together when they date. They are really two halves of a whole and each understands the other. I loved the closeness and love they have. That is the glue to this whole story. I highly recommend this one if you like shifters, man love and story that is beautifully written.

Reviewer: Tina