how to promo?

So I’ve been sitting here for a few hours sifting through an insane number of sites on the internet, trying to decide how, when, where to promo my book, The First Time is the Sweetest. Now, I’ve been online since 1987 (yes, I swear, even though it was before the web) and I’m used to posting in countless online forums, blogs, etc. but for some reason, the sense of once again being a newbie is unsettling me. I’m new to the romance novel world and like anything else, there’s a lot to learn. I know that I need to get my name out there, and my book out there, because really, the whole point is to connect with readers and hopefully sell my writing.

I’ve been a technical writer, editor, proofreader, documentation specialist, and sure, those jobs were interesting, but my real love is creative writing. I love to make up stories and characters and have them come alive in the pages of a novel. I’ve been pretty successful in other kinds of creative writing, but I know how long it took (a while). I told my son when he started high school last year that being a freshman would be difficult, but ultimately worth it. And I reminded him that it wouldn’t be forever, and now he’ll be going to school a sophomore in a few days. I’m trying to take my own advice. It will keep me humble.

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