Characters: who are you? Can you guess?

Winner by fiat: Chele!

Thanks for participating Chele. If you would like a free ebook copy of Appassionato, please email me at erin.m.leaf AT so I can send your copy to you.


I solve most of my writing problems when I’m either sleeping (i.e. dreaming) or riding my bicycle. Can’t think of what my heroes look like? As soon as I hit minute five on the bike a dozen images of dudes zip through my head (blonde, brunette, tattoos!) and usually those images give me hints about what the men do for a living. Can’t figure out why my heroine is so sad? Right before I fall asleep I realize that her first husband died a year ago and she’s melancholy because the last time they spoke they argued. This holds true for plot points, tension, what the characters want from love and why, and what they had for dinner yesterday. As soon as I get sweaty or sleepy, ideas pour in from the universe. Unfortunately, this gift doesn’t seem to happen when it’s time to figure out my characters’ names. This is a problem.

A few weeks ago I sat down to outline my next erotic menage and came up blank for names, like usual. I scoured the online name sites. I racked my brain for ideas of what I liked. I got nothing. In desperation I asked my teen son for help. “What?!” you exclaim in horror. “Are you crazy? You shouldn’t even be letting him know that you’re a romance writer!”

I laugh and tell you to calm down. “Relax. All he knows is that I write loves stories. That sort of thing still makes his face prune up in disgust.” And as it turns out, he loved going through the lists of names with me. He has a knack for it. Next time I’m going to ask him for help before I work myself into a frenzy.

Want to know what the names are? I’ll give you some hints. The heroine’s first name starts with T. The men’s first names start with J and P.

ETA: Extra hint number one: the woman’s name is from one of my favorite television shows that ran from 1992-98. She was the girlfriend of the main character (I named the rock star in Appassionato after him).

1/19/11 ETA: Dear Anonymous, yes! You win! Except, you posted anonymously. So I can’t send you a copy of Appassionato because I don’t know who you are or have an email address. This makes me sad.

So, I’ll keep the contest open: whoever first posts the correct name of one of my two male characters for my next book will get a free copy of Appassionato. If no one guesses by Saturday, 1/22/11, then Chele gets the free copy, just for participating. 🙂


The first person to guess one of the names correctly will get a free ebook copy of my latest novel, Appassionato, just released this month! Post your guesses in the comments.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a rock star? And his sexy best friend? At the same time? What if the three of you could share your dreams, literally? 
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[MĂ©nage Amour: Erotic Paranormal MĂ©nage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]
When Emma dreams about super-famous rockstar Duncan and his friend Jake, it never occurs to her they might be dreaming too. About her. Everyone knows dreams aren’t real, but what will happen when the trio’s shared visions develop into a passion that can’t be denied?
When reports of a new “bonding” phenomenon surface, Duncan and Jake finally realize why they feel so connected to the sweet high-school librarian they’ve never met. The headaches and dreams suddenly make sense, but it isn’t until they meet Emma face-to-face that instinct takes over, and passion binds their minds and bodies into a link that can’t be broken.
Then, just as the happy ending Emma always hoped for seems possible, a hostage crisis and a series of kidnappings threatens everything. Can the trio unravel the conspiracy in time to protect the future of their bond?
A Siren Erotic Romance