Happily Ever After Reviews gives Appassionato 4 1/2 teacups!

Woo hoo! So glad people are liking the book! 4 1/2 teacups!

Clare C’s Review at Happily Ever After Reviews

This was easily one of the best ménages I’ve ever read. Leaf soars past the elaborate premises many authors use to explain why threesomes are socially acceptable in their special ‘town’. Appassionato’s passionate trio doesn’t bother to explain or justify their relationship, which allows Leaf to focus on the meat of the story. And, wow, what a story!

The buildup is simply delicious. Emma doesn’t even meet Duncan and Jake until a quarter of the way into the novel, but we don’t miss out on the building of their relationship one bit. Through a mysterious ‘bonding,’ the three of them are suddenly able to feel one another’s emotions and to communicate using telepathy. They talk to one another that way, and they have a few steamy encounters while dreaming. This is one of the most unique plot ideas I’ve ever seen, and Ms. Leaf’s amazing writing talent swept me away.

And the story doesn’t stop there. At the heart of this novel is a drug cartel that wants to capture bonded couples to manufacture their blood into a drug. While this isn’t a new concept, Ms. Leaf definitely makes it her own. The sex scenes were great, though some of the acrobatics were difficult to picture, but Ms. Leaf’s ability to build characters and suspense kept me hanging on every word the entire way through.

The novel is too long to read in one sitting, which I loved. I really, really wanted to spend more time with the trio—so much that I read it twice. More, Ms. Leaf, and fast! There have to be other bonded couples out there running from the evil drug cartel!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!