Dream Marked

I’m deep inside the next book set in the Appassionato universe. I wasn’t sure when I began Appassionato whether or not it would be the first book in a series. I hoped it would, and I wanted it to be, but I wasn’t positive until I was halfway through writing it. At that point I knew it would succeed as the first book for the series I wanted to write.

I’m in the middle of writing Tango Trio (the next book! yay!) and I’ve finally come up with a title for the series that I really love: Dream Marked. I hope that when I send Tango Trio to the publisher that they accept it and that they like the series title and everything I have planned. I love this universe! I love the idea of soul-mates and the drama of creating some seriously bad-ass bad guys. Most of all, I love that love is what helps the heroes and heroine triumph.

What? Do they get together in the end? Silly! It’s a romance! They always live happily ever after together!

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