It’s release day! Tango Trio is at Siren-BookStrand!

Tango Trio is out today! Go to Siren-BookStrand and get a copy. It’s on sale until the end of October!

Here, have a taste of the story. Tessa and Parker are driving to their first dance lesson:


“Did he seem nice?” Tessa hoped he wasn’t cruel like the dance teacher she’d had when she was a girl. The old woman used to smack a wooden pole against the long barre if the girls didn’t extend their arms enough. She’d terrified Tessa when she was four, though now she supposed not all dance instructors could be that mean or they wouldn’t have any students. Still, she felt a tiny pang of anxiety.

“I guess. He seemed nice enough.” Parker sighed. “How am I supposed to know? I don’t notice things like that.”

Tessa lifted an eyebrow. “Did he have a low voice? High? Was he polite?”

Parker glanced at her, his forehead wrinkled adorably. “Low voice.”

“Did he sound sexy?”

“Are you kidding me?” Parker asked, incredulous. The car swerved slightly before he brought it back under control.

“Parker! Watch where you’re going!” Tessa yelled as her heart leapt. After a minute without any more car-related disasters, she burst into laughter. “Oh my God, if you could’ve seen your face!”

Parker shook his head, and he braked for the red light. “You’re such a pain.”

“You love me,” Tessa retorted, immensely cheered by his irritation.

He swung his arm over the back of the seat and looked at her, silent for long enough that Tessa began to grow uncomfortable under the weight of his stare. “Yeah, I really do.”

She shivered at the low tone of his voice. Whoa. He really meant that. “I love you, too, Parker. You know that.”

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