The Romance Studio reviews Tango Trio!

Yesterday I received an email that Clare at The Romance Studio had posted a review of Tango Trio. She gave it 4 1/2 hearts and since it was my birthday, I couldn’t have asked for a better gift! Thanks so much Clare! Here’s what she had to say:

When Tessa begins having dreams about her best friend Parker and a mysterious stranger, she welcomes the erotic adventure. Soon she finds out she’s part of a bonded trio, a group of predestined soul mates. Once she and Parker meet Jared, a soldier-turned-dance instructor, in the flesh, their bond takes on psychic proportions. Their bond gives them the ability to communicate telepathically, but it also sets them up as targets for people who want to use their blood as a street drug called ‘Path. Soon, they find themselves the target of merciless drug dealers, the leader of which is no stranger to Tessa.

Tango Trio is a rollercoaster of action. From the first mouthwatering dream sequence to the last scene that’ll leave the reader with something to dream about, it’s one hot, exciting story. Ms. Leaf doesn’t fool around with a slow build. She dives right in and leaves you breathless. Parker leaps from the page, a dynamic stud in tight jeans, and his chemistry with Tessa fairly burns. When Jared’s character is added, watch out.

Once the trio is formed, the real action of the story begins. The bonding makes for an incredibly close and sexually-charged relationship, but it also paints a bright red bull’s-eye on them. Their blood forms a powerful, addictive drug that fetches top dollar on the open market. Even clandestine government groups are taking notice. While Tango Trio can be read alone, it’s the second in Ms. Leaf’s Dream Marked series, and I highly recommend reading the first to understand and appreciate the background of the bad guys.

Ms. Leaf is a wonderfully talented writer with a fun, easy style. Overall, Tango Trio is an action-packed must-read that’s so full of paranormal twists and turns you’ll never see what’s coming next. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Overall rating
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Clare
November 25, 2011

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