New review for Appassionato by The Romance Reviews

And it is a lovely, lovely review, thank you J9!! Here are some highlights from the review:

I love it when authors have sexual build up and allow emotions to develop between romantic leads and that’s what Ms Leaf did here. The trio have fallen in love before they initially meet in person so when they do, it’s incendiary.

The plot too was very good and kept me reading. The initial suspense of why Emma was suffering these symptoms was interesting but then once the kidnapping of bondmates started, the plot soared. The mystery plot was fast paced and didn’t interfere with the sexy romance but rather enhanced it. This strong plot development elevated a good book to a great book.

APPASSIONATO is a wonderful M/M/F menage story. I loved the characters, their incendiary relationship, and the suspenseful plot. I’ve read book two of the series already and adored it as much as this first book. Erin M. Leaf is now on my auto-buy list.

4 stars from The Romance Reviews!