What’s more important? Writing or being superwoman?

I used to think I could do it all: write novels, network, advertise, cook dinner, raise two boys, exercise, enjoy my marriage, sleep, etc. Yeah, no. Nope. Impossible. Not gonna happen. Like ever.

I tried, I really did. The juggling was going okay for a while. I had at least a month or two sometime last year where I was managing, and then, of course, like the cruel mistress she is, Life taught me otherwise. A family member passed away. One needed surgery and another had to face moving from her apartment into an assisted community. My house rebelled and we had to renovate rooms. Patch things, cut down trees. You know how it is.

I needed to prioritize. I made a list: family, exercise, writing, cleaning, sleep. Or something like that. I still enjoy writing blog posts and I love meeting readers on Facebook and Twitter. I enjoy reading reviews and friending/following other writers and fans. But for me, the biggest and most important lesson I learned last year was that the writing is the most important thing after my family. And exercise is integral to my life because if I didn’t run or bicycle or do yoga, I’d never be able to sit for hours at a time typing. And I love writing.

I love making up stories and tormenting characters and watching my heroes and heroines fall in love. I adore writing dialogue. I enjoy learning more about how best to improve my work. Character development was a big one for me last year. I really wanted to do better with that. This year I’m trying to focus on humor and tension. I’ve decided that I’m going to write and write and write because I’ve got all these ideas rattling around in my head. Heroes are banging on the casements of my mind. A few of the heroines have scaled my brain stem and climbed into the attic.

It’s time to open the windows and let them in.