Tantalizing Tuesday with Tory Michaels

1. Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

I’ve wanted to use Tory Michaels since I was in junior high. I don’t hide my real self, but I do most of my FB time now as Tory. I really should spend more time as me, but I feel more comfortable in being relaxed and a bit more, well, outgoing as Tory, and as Tory I don’t have many of the same friends (many of whom are starchy and probably wouldn’t approve of my more risqué, yet utterly bland compared to many of my fellow EP authors, comments/thoughts).


2. What is your favorite novel that you’ve written? Read?

Probably Blood-Mage Rising (due out this month) because I got to explore and nudge a particularly nasty “evil” character who turned out to be more human than I gave him credit for with a much nicer side (though he’s still a sociopath) than I’d previously seen. Read, hrmm, there are so many recently. Probably Clockwork Angel, and I can’t put my finger on why. I’m still struggling to get into Clockwork Prince, but I had the same trouble at the start of Angel.


3. Does the environment affect your writing (where you live, the seasons, the weather, etc.)?



4. Where is your favorite/most bizarre place to have your characters boink?

Hehehe, you said boink. I thought I was the only one to use that word any more. I remember in my notes for an ancient history class talking about Minas’ wife boinking the bull ( I think it was Minas’ wife anyway). Ummm, I don’t really go very unusual places for those sorta things.


5. Do you base your heroines/heroes on photos of celebrities? If so, who?

They don’t start out based on anyone in particular, but once I have a feel for them I usually look for a picture I can use to represent them. Jordan (Rising’s villainous hero) is represented by a fabulous picture of Eric Johnson (Rookie Blue/Call Me Mrs. Miracle), Chris (Rising’s heroine) is sort of a mishmash of Pauley Perrette (NCIS) and Katie McGrath (Morgana from Merlin). Dara (Blood Rage) resembles Amy Adams if you put about 30 pounds on her, and Anthony (Rage hero) is the man who played Sasha in 2012 (Don’t judge – I found the movie funny and a lot of fun to watch if you ignore the ark-sized plot holes) or possibly the guy who plays in the Mentalist as Simon (if you add about 6 inches to his height).


6. Bonus question! What’s the last thing you ate today?

A fudge brownie.


7. Bonus question! Anything you’d like to say.

Hellooooooo out there, world!


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