I’m a romance junkie but that doesn’t make me brainless.

things are zooming around in my head right now:

  1. Just sent in the first round of edits for Risk Is A Four-Letter Word. Yay!
  2. I went to see John Carter and LOVED it. My husband said that it didn’t quite hit every cliche for a romance but I don’t care. There was a handsome hero, a heroine with freakishly blue eyes, and a happy ending. What more can one ask for? Well, okay, the girl’s eyes bothered me. Dear movie directors/costume designers: the weird blue eye thing was a bit over the top. Please to not be doing that again.
  3. The Alienable Rights of Women by Roxane Gay at The Rumpus is the most important essay I’ve read lately. She did a wonderful job of summing up what’s going on with our reproductive rights and why it’s a problem. She said it better than I ever could. Go read it now. We must not let anyone take from us what we’ve fought so long and hard for: contraception and reproductive freedom.

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