Tantalizing Tuesday with Skye Michaels

1. Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

Yes – Skye Michaels. I use it for privacy. While my friends and family know about my books, I would rather all the nuts out there did not.

2. What is your favorite novel that you’ve written? Read?

I have written 5 so far:
Calleigh’ Collar is out on Bookstrand/Amazon/B&N & Kobo
Kelly’s Challenge is out on Bookstrand
Anne’s Courage is coming out in May
Paula’s Commitment is coming out in May
Madison’s Choice has been submitted
Belinda’s Crown has just been started today! Wrote 4,000 words today!

This is all new to me, so each book has gotten longer and better. Everyone likes Madison’s Choice best. My personal favorite hero is Justin Devereau in Book 2 – Kelly’s Challenge.

3. Does the environment affect your writing (where you live, the seasons, the weather, etc.)?

I live in Florida which is pretty terrific – so it really doesn’t affect my writing.

4. Where is your favorite/most bizarre place to have your characters boink?

In the gazebo on the town square in Ocala, Florida. Robbie and Mike had a great time there in Calleigh’s Collar!

5. Do you base your heroines/heroes on photos of celebrities? If so, who? Include links if you like.

Sometimes I will see a picture of someone that tinkles my chimes! I have used Adrian Paul (The Highlander) as the basis of two heros that are brothers – Justin Devereau and Jamie Devereau in Books 2 and 3! Yum! Also I saw a picture of Channing Tatum that had to be Dr. Trent Redding who is in all the books!

6. Bonus question! What’s the last thing you ate today?

Ha! A piece of chocolate! [Erin’s note: LOL! Me too.]

7. Bonus question! Anything you’d like to say.

I have been having a ball writing these stories. When I lost my job over a year ago and couldn’t find anything permanent, I decided the time was right to try writing! Please visit my fan page on Facebook: Skye Michaels Books for excerpts and book covers.

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Skye Michaels on BookStrand

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