Vids? – some people are super awesome

Things I’m pretty good at:

  • writing
  • cooking
  • dancing
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • reading
  • staring into space
  • ranting
  • painting walls

Things I can’t do AT ALL:

  • play an instrument
  • give speeches
  • sew
  • tan
  • sit up straight
  • walk in high heels
  • make videos

Yeah, so that last one? I had NO IDEA it would actually be a skill I needed when I decided to become a writer (I was in third grade! Give me a break!). Of course, book vids are tres chic right now. OF COURSE THEY ARE. And I’m not even going to try. No sireeee. Nope. Not gonna. Instead, I shall steal highlight one of the videos made by an awesome Evernight Author, Xondra Day. She rocks.

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