Wicked Wednesday with Evie Jayne

1. If your characters could pick a food to play with in the bedroom, what would they use?

I’m not much of a foodie so probably just ice for my characters. The idea of cold and heat is appealing.

2. How old were you the first time you read a romance novel? Erotica?

I came late to erotic writing. I was 37 when I read my first which was a Kresley Cole novella.

3. What is your favorite romance genre to read? Why? (Paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, MM, menage, etc.)

I’m a paranormal nut. Pre erotic I was a fantasy reader, but I always hated the fade out on sex scenes. Finding paranormal romance was bliss and started me writing again after a seven year break.

4. What’s hotter for the hero: long-hair, short, or bald? Why?

Short hair. Why? Totally personal. In my teens I was a bit of a groupie and a lot of the band guys had long hair. They left me with a an impression of long haired men being pretty selfish and ego driven, so it became a turn off for me.

5. When is your favorite time of day to write? Where is your favorite place to write? (Morning, evening, bed, playground, etc.)

Any time I can. I’m a single mother and my youngest son is still at home, so I write around parenting. I leave my novels up on my computer and grab whatever moments I can during the day. Often my best idea’s come in bed or when I’m driving.

6. Bonus question! Do your characters use birth control (i.e. condoms) and if so, how do you make the mechanics of it sexy?

Not mine. Paranormal allows me to dispense with the need. My characters are often immortal and unaffected by ‘human’ diseases.

7. Tell us about your latest release or what you’re working on now.

My latest (and first) release is Lunacy and the Vampire, available at Evernight. It’s a Romeo and Juliet type story with homicidal faeries and vampires. The premise is based on the idea that all myths are true and a separate world exists along side ours. The world is split in two, those that protect humanity and those that prey on it.

My heroine is from the ‘good’ side, but she is quite cruel and selfish. My hero is from the ‘bad’ side, but he is honourable and moral. The novel is about her waking up to that reality and realizing the truth about herself and the hero.

I’m currently working on a sequel for this and another vampire novel where I am exploring the idea of blood thirst as an addiction rather than a necessity for survival.

Author details:

website: http://eviejayne.weebly.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/evie.jayne.3
Blog: http://eviejayne.wordpress.com/
Buy Lunacy and the Vampirehttp://www.evernightpublishing.com/lunacy-and-the-vampire-by-evie-jayne/



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