Wicked Wednesday with Susan Laine


1. If your characters could pick a food to play with in the bedroom, what would they use?

Strawberries and whipped cream are undoubtedly everyone’s choice, as is chocolate, so my guys will go with avocados (so-called testicle tree) and watermelons (pre-prepped for easy nibbling). Sweet…

2. How old were you the first time you read a romance novel? Erotica?

Curiously, I never read any as a teenager or even in my twenties. Perhaps because MF wasn’t appealing to me. In my early thirties Amazon recommended me a MM erotic romance which I got out of curiosity. That one story opened up a whole literary world for me to enjoy as a reader and a writer. After reading them for about four, five months, I decided to give it a go myself—and the rest is history.

3. What is your favorite romance genre to read? Why? (Paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, MM, menage, etc.)

I prefer contemporary MM—to read and to write. I write paranormal and ménage too, but I rarely read them. The contemporary genre opens up so many avenues for possible plots and unlikely heroes that I just can’t resist the lure. I need to find out what other authors are telling about modern gay men. Still, I do like to read a lot of other genres too, for example historical and murder mysteries.

4. What’s hotter for the hero: long-hair, short, or bald? Why?

Depends on the guy, I guess. Personally, I tend to go for short hair. Don’t know why really, considering I have written guys with both long and short hair. Never written anyone bald. I suppose now I ought to 🙂

5. When is your favorite time of day to write? Where is your favorite place to write? (Morning, evening, bed, playground, etc.)

I simply cannot write right after I wake up. My brain has not kicked in gear yet. I prefer evenings and nights. It’s quieter and darker, and I can think clearer. Also, there’s the time zone factor: I write for American publishing houses, and their working hours start when it gets dark here in Finland, so there’s a practical component involved. I also prefer a desk and an office chair. I have tried writing in bed and in a lounge chair, but the softness bothered me and made me sleepy.

6. Bonus question! Do your characters use birth control (i.e. condoms) and if so, how do you make the mechanics of it sexy?

Sometimes my heroes do wear condoms, other times they don’t. But they always talk about it before-hand, and usually if they don’t use them, that means they are already a couple, so they are exclusive and have gotten tested. With just guys in the picture, there isn’t really a question of pregnancy, but the threat of STD’s is a concern. And there are many ways to make putting on a condom sexy: The partner can roll it on, slowly and teasingly, by using a hand or a mouth. Same with the lube—only it has to be edible if coming in contact with a mouth. Any method that involves touching sensuously can be considered foreplay and/or sex.

7. Tell us about your latest release or what you’re working on now.

I write for several publishing houses. My latest Siren Publishing release was Mending Fences, a cowboy MM erotic romance in a contemporary setting. This is a redemption story about a rodeo cowboy who gets accidentally outed as gay in front of his fiancée. In his rowdy and self-destructive way of life he does not expect the town sheriff to come to his rescue. My latest Dreamspinner Press release was Love in Plain Sight, a contemporary MM mystery romance. In this story two police officers, one of them a deaf volunteer, have been in a relationship for a year. As their anniversary draws near, a case involving a shady art dealer becomes dangerous, and a confrontation is inevitable.

Author details:

Novels: By Siren Publishing Rivers of Wind, Sub, Rivers of Passion, Mending Fences, and upcoming Sub Rosa. By Dreamspinner Press Sunlight on Water in Two Tickets to Paradise Anthology, Sounds of Love, Twice by Chance, The Wolfing Way, The Witching Hour in June 2012 Daily Dose Time Is Eternity, Genie’s Wish, Love in Plain Sight, and upcoming Falling for Rain and Hunter’s Moon. By Evernight Publishing upcoming The Last Werewolf.


6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday with Susan Laine

  1. You love fire men now! I’ve gotten you hooked! Hahaha! Now, you won’t ever be able to stop thinking about them! Welcome to my world. 🙂

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