Bodice rippers had lame and pointless covers

Remember when bodice rippers (aka romance novels) actually had bodices on the cover? Remember when they were actually ripped off by the hero in chapter two? Yeah, those were the days. NOT.

Think about it. Who is the audience for romance novels? Yup, you guessed it: women. Mostly straight women who aren’t particularly interested in looking at other chicks (usually ones who are younger and skinnier than they are). So why in the world did all those awesome books of the past (and some not so past) have pictures of women and bosoms on the cover? I dunno about you, but um, where were all the hot men?

Fast-forward to NOW.

Hey, look—>


I think people have finally caught on. Yay. I have to admit, I’m partial to Evernight Publishing’s covers. When I’m desperate for inspiration, do you know where I go for help? Click HERE.

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