Aftermath of a Hurricane


I live in southeastern PA. You can’t see it on the photo above because Hurricane Sandy is sitting on top of where I live. I have to admit, it sucked being out of power and water for a few days, though to my surprise, the lack of electricity didn’t last as long as last year’s October snowpocalypse. My trees all stayed standing up and I only lost a few branches and a bit of roof flashing. Last year great hunks of my trees tore off in the snow, so in all, this year for me hasn’t been that bad.

Unfortunately, others weren’t so lucky. I lived in New Jersey for over ten years and used to work in Manhattan. Today I finally got my internet back and was able to look at some pictures, read some articles. I had to stop. I ended up in tears. Places I’d visited, vacationed, and spent all my time at are irrevocably changed.

What didn’t surprise me? The reports of how good people were to each other. I am not at all surprised by this. Once, in one of those crippling blizzards (1993 maybe? I can’t remember exactly) I remember trying to struggle through the streets of Manhattan over piles of snowdrifts. I kept falling. Each and every time I went down someone dashed over and helped me up. This wasn’t the only time the generosity of New Yorkers astounded me. I once had a whole pile of strangers help me get my car unstuck in the East Village. I could go on, but it’s not important.

In the wake of this terrible storm I just want to sit in my (now warm) house and revel in the feeling of joy I suddenly have — the human race isn’t all violent. People are still nice. Yesterday I talked to three of my neighbors and all of them were caring and sweet and wanted to help, even though I was trying to help them at the same time. This is what restores my faith in humanity when I’ve been bombarded with vile news headlines every day.

I just want to say: Thank You. Thank you everyone.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath of a Hurricane

  1. I just moved with my family from out West to MD this last year and so Sandy was an eye opener for us, I am glad you are safe and well now it is our turn to help people that aren’t so lucky. Hugs!

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