Seducing Liselle by Marie E. Blossom releases today!

My alter-ego, Marie E. Blossom, has a new novella out today! I hope you like my hero, John, and his love, Liselle. They’re two people who need each other more than they realize, at first. When they figure it out, however, oh boy, the chemistry between them is to die for…


Click here to read an excerpt.

Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Rubenesque,  MF


Liselle isn’t looking for a hero, especially not at the ripe old age of forty-three, but when John saves her from a blizzard, she can’t help falling just a little bit in love. He’s sexy, strong, and ex-military, with a sassy niece and four older sisters who clearly adore him.

Even so, looks alone aren’t enough to convince her that he can be trusted. After all, her brother and father tormented her for years—she knows better than to think a man can make her happy.

When John comes to her rescue, will she let old habits rule? Or will she let him heat her up and melt the fear in her heart?


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