Julie’s Book Review liked Lick Is A Four-Letter Word!


Julie’s Book Review – Review of Lick Is A Four-Letter Word

Rating: 5 stars

Felicity is on her own for the 1st time of her life. She lived with her parents then moved in with her boyfriend who became her husband. In a mysterious hit and run he was killed and she was crippled. Now for 2 years she has grieved and now just works and spends time with her friends. She decides to go out and do something for herself. A bikini wax, will make her feel pretty.

Josh and Troy, best friends since childhood, both lost there fathers at a young age and now there families are both very close, almost like family. Both have feelings for one another but neither will show one another how they truly feel.  Both like women, there families are suspecting there may be more between the 2 men. When they lose a bet with a sister, they have to go to a beauty salon. Sitting in the room naked with only a paper gown to cover up with, gets them talking but when they get locked in the room with a beautiful woman, things really heat up.

One encounter, is not enough, for the men. And Felicity’s libido gets turned way up in a big way. She is turned on more in those few minutes with the two men  than she has ever been. But will  something from the past put them all in danger.

This was a really HOT book. Talk about a build up. The chemistry between the 3 is smoking and I could not put it down. The story of all 3 really draws you into the story. You feel Felicity’s pain from the loss of her husband and the attraction that is denied between the 2 men. Josh and Troy are great together but with the addition of Felicity to the mix…explosive. I will say it again HOT!! great story loved it. Please if you have any more send them to me! Would love to review more. adults only!!

Reviewer: Julie Ramsey


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