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Rating: 4 1/2 stars! A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

Something Shifty is an artfully created love story that whittles its way into a reader’s heart and soul. This seductive narrative of self-discovery, love, tenderness and patience gives great meaning to the quote “Good things happen to those who can wait”. That quote bounced around in my mind as I read and savored the juiciness of this meaty story. Sensational energy is depicted so cleverly by Erin M. Leaf in this well-coordinated, realistic narrative of shape-shifters of the respected pack.

When things become open and unlimited love crystallizes and the multi-dimensional aspects made me want to cheer during this fast paced read. The smooth writing style made Something Shifty irresistible and I wrapped myself up in the carnal passions of the love and understanding of an accepting association of a loyal clan.

Love it 4.5 stars

Reviewer: Bookshifter