Manic Readers loved Lick Is A Four-Letter Word! 5 stars!



I’m so happy that Manic Readers enjoyed Lick Is A Four-Letter Word. Here’s some of the review:

Rating: 5 stars!

Josh and Troy have been friends forever, and meet Felicity as all three have an appointment for a full Brazilian wax job. The meeting is hilarious, and sets the tone for the whole book. I loved all three of these characters, and the interplay is fast, with excellent dialog. A series of interruptions ensure that the three don’t get together for more than a kiss or two till late in the book, but when they do, the sex is incendiary!

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Josh and Troy aren’t looking for a girlfriend, but a lost bet sends them into a small room with a broken lock. When a beautiful blonde limps in from the connecting bathroom, they end up on their knees trying to make her feel better.

Felicity isn’t looking for love, but she keeps falling into Josh and Troy’s arms. The men can’t control their desire to take care of her. She can’t resist their humor.

Even so, Felicity isn’t sure she wants to date two guys at once, especially when she’s white and they’re not. Josh and Troy aren’t sure their attraction for her and each other is worth the risk.

Will a secret from Felicity’s past push them away before they come together? Will Josh and Troy be able to convince her they’re serious, and that their love is hers for the taking?


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