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Welcome to my new feature! Every Friday, I hope to feature authors and their books so that you can see what an astonishing variety of romance there is out there to read. Hope you enjoy the covers and excerpts!

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[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, F/F/M, with F/F elements, spanking, paddling, flogging, sex toys, HFN]

Unemployed and running out of resources, Sophie LaPlante is desperate for a job when the perfect one appears before her. A wealthy couple from Hedon Falls requires a live-in housekeeper, and Sophie is just what they’re looking for.

Jack Sullivan, a powerful CEO and Dom, is married to actress Kendra Hughes. He immediately senses submissive tendencies in his new housekeeper. His wife can never be the sub he needs, so while Kendra is away on a film shoot, he begins to train Sophie. When Kendra returns, she joins the training to explore her own Dominant desires. While their sessions were not intended to involve sex, they find themselves fighting a losing battle against their mutual attraction.

The three of them are caught up in a web of lust, guilt, and infidelity, all complicated by an ex-boyfriend who can’t leave Sophie alone.



“How…how can I help you, Mistress?” Sophie asked faintly, barely able to breathe because her body was wound so tight.

“Have you ever been with a woman, sub?” Kendra asked, her lips right against Sophie’s ear.

Sophie closed her eyes as Kendra’s hot breath tickled her neck and ear. She wanted Kendra. She couldn’t deny it, and it seemed she was going to have her chance. “I’ve only been with you, Mistress.”

Kendra laughed. “You mean the other night? That wasn’t even close to what I want to do with you right now.” Kendra’s hands finally slid up over Sophie’s tits and squeezed gently, bringing a moan from her lips. Kendra’s fingertips grazed over Sophie’s nipples, then began to pinch and pull at them. Sophie’s moans grew louder as the pleasure seemed to shoot straight to her clit, causing the small bundle to throb.

“I’m going to take you to bed, now, Sophie,” Kendra said. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sophie whispered breathlessly.

Kendra turned her around and pulled Sophie into her arms. She leaned in close and before Sophie could think about it, their lips were pressed together. Kendra’s kiss was soft, her lips gliding pleasantly over Sophie’s. When she parted Sophie’s lips and slid her tongue into her mouth, Sophie whimpered and leaned into the kiss. Her head was reeling at the slow, burning intensity of the embrace. As their tongues moved together, tasting each other, and exploring within each other’s mouths, Sophie slid her hands up Kendra’s back and pulled the other woman even closer. Their breasts pressed together and Sophie revelled in the feeling of Kendra’s nipples rubbing against hers.

The kiss seemed to go on endlessly, until Kendra finally pulled her mouth from Sophie’s. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then Kendra took Sophie’s hand and led her into the bedroom. When they reached the bed, Kendra stepped away from Sophie and finished stripping. Sophie let her eyes roam over Kendra’s perfect body. Her breasts weren’t too large, but they were round and firm and the nipples stood erect. Her waist was tiny and flared out into her soft hips. Between her legs, there was no hair at all. Sophie had never seen a woman shaved before.

Sophie was suddenly self-conscious. Compared to Kendra’s perfection, she was dumpy and plain. She bowed her head as a tear squeezed out the corner of her eye.

“Sophie?” Kendra asked. She reached out and touched Sophie’s chin, gently forcing her gaze upward again. “What’s wrong?”

“I…you…you’re so beautiful,” Sophie whispered. “And I’m not.”

Kendra slid her arms around Sophie and kissed her again. “Sophie, I am standing naked in front of you, asking you to make love with me. I wouldn’t be doing that if I didn’t think you were stunning.”


Kendra placed a finger against Sophie’s lips, stopping her protest. She replaced her finger with her own lips and kissed her passionately. Then she pulled away and climbed onto the bed, patting the spot beside her. “Now get up here. You owe me an orgasm.”


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Michelle Graham: http://michellegrahameroticromance.blogspot.ca

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