Just Erotic Romance Reviews loved Tango Trio – Chapter One excerpt

Just Erotic Romance Reviews loved Tango Trio, the second novel in my Dream Marked series! In celebration, I’m posting a first chapter excerpt! From the review:

Along with some of the most erotic sex I’ve read, this book also features an interesting storyline, relatable characters and some wild supernatural powers that are bestowed upon bonded trios.

Tango Trio

I hope you like meeting Tessa, Jared, and Parker. This is the Dream Marked shifter novel!

Tessa never expects to dream about two gorgeous guys making love to her on the train. She certainly never imagines they might be real men. Or that one of them is her sexy friend Parker and the other their insanely hot dance teacher, Jared. She definitely doesn’t anticipate the three of them bonding and fighting enemies desperate to steal their blood. Who would create a drug that gives non-bonded humans extrasensory powers? It seems insane until Tessa learns that her mother might be the chemist behind it all. Even so, she certainly doesn’t expect her senses to go haywire or for the bonding to give her the ability to heal. And shape-shift. Mostly, she doesn’t expect to live happily ever after with her bond-mates when so many different people want them dead. But she hopes she can.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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Chapter One

Tessa stood on the train, hanging onto the strap above her for dear life as the rush-hour crowd pushed in against her body. The lights flickered as the car rattled. She knew it was a dream because she was wearing her favorite purple heels, the ones she’d stuffed in the back of her closet nearly ten years ago. The ones she never wore anymore. And every time the car rocked, the silk of her dress caressed her skin. She didn’t own a silk dress. Ergo, it was a dream, one she’d had before, several times. It didn’t make any more sense tonight than it did before. Tessa closed her eyes as a shiver of arousal trickled through her, right on time. He would be getting on the train at the next stop.

When the doors opened at the station, a few people moved off the train, creating a small space in front of her. The man with dark hair got on and eased through the crowd until he stood next to her, his T-shirt-clad chest right in front of her nose. She couldn’t really see his face because they were so close, and she didn’t want to look up, then the doors shut, and the crowd moved, pressing her against him. He didn’t budge. Somehow she knew he was smiling down at her, but she was too shy to meet his gaze. He smelled amazing—fresh and clean, a hint of mint. She tried not to but couldn’t help mashing her face into his body as the car lurched. He was warm and muscled, and a fresh spark of heat fizzed through her body right before she lost her balance, her hand slipping off the strap. She tipped forward, but she wasn’t worried. He always caught her, one arm around her waist, the other still hooked into the bar above, holding them both steady.

In this dream, Tessa never thought about the other people on the train or the fact that they could see the two of them pressed close, like lovers. Screwing up her courage, she looked up. Pale-green eyes so kind she almost burst into tears smiled down at her. He gripped her tighter, and she gasped then shivered as she felt his muscular thigh slip between hers, anchoring her in place. The train rattled and shook, the bumpiest ride she’d ever experienced. The smile fell off his face as her breasts pressed into his chest. She gripped his shirt, the heat of his body warming hers. Then the lights blinked out.

“Are you okay?” he asked, bending to hear her reply. She nodded as the train jerked to a stop, her lips landing on his cheek. His stubble stung her lips, and for a strange moment her arms itched—how weird—then the sensation faded as she felt him breathe in. Suddenly, shockingly, his mouth was on hers, hot and light. She opened to him, not caring if he thought her wanton. She craved his strength. He gave her his tongue, and she let him part her lips, a burst of mint tingling on her taste buds as he licked at her. She moaned, the sudden urge to climb up his body and wrap her legs around his waist making her shake. He let go of the bar and closed both hands around her, one slipping down to her ass, the other to her neck to anchor her head. She gasped and arched against him as he gripped her hair hard, then he leaned back. Tessa opened her eyes, confused. Why did he stop? When he glanced over her shoulder Tessa knew.

“Parker,” she breathed, astonished. Her best friend pressed against her back. She could smell him, sandalwood and vanilla, the scent of home. What was he doing here? This wasn’t her normal dream. And Parker was her friend, not her lover. He slotted up against her, and the confusion gave way to shock. His cock was hard and hot, and he knew how to use it. He pressed the length of it into the cleft of her ass, rubbing against her like a cat in heat. Her arousal spiked again, and Tessa blushed. What was she doing? He was six years younger than her. The brother of her dead husband’s best buddy. It felt wrong to even imagine this possibility, but dream-Parker didn’t know that, or care. Her forearms itched again, and Tessa resisted the urge to rub them against her friend as he breathed on her neck then kissed right below her ear, his full lips teasing her skin. She trembled. What should she do? His warmth felt divine yet foreign. Startlingly hot and unfamiliar. Tessa stared at the stranger in front of her, wondering what was going through his mind. Most men would be angry, jealous, but the man’s eyes were half-closed and dark with his arousal. He didn’t look upset. Tessa knew he could also feel Parker’s cock because his fingers flexed on her ass right next to it. Then Parker kissed her again, dragging his tongue along her neck, and the stranger shivered, very deliberately rolling his hips into her body, pressing his own hard dick into her stomach. Tessa gasped, trapped between them. She was terribly aroused. Terribly confused. A trickle of moisture slid down the inside of her thigh. When the stranger moved his hand, she felt his thumb slip between her ass cheeks and rub against Parker’s cock.

“Jesus.” Parker shuddered. Tessa didn’t understand what was happening. She could barely stand up. If the two men hadn’t been pressing into her so firmly she would be on the floor of the train. What a strange dream this was.

“Jared.” The stranger cleared his throat, the tone husky. Sexual. “Not Jesus.” He smiled at Tessa then his gaze shifted to Parker. “My name is Jared.” Then he bent his head and kissed Tessa again, rubbing his lips against hers. She strained against him but couldn’t move. Parker slid his hand around her waist, then lower, holding her immobile. Jared broke off the kiss, panting. Tessa realized that Parker was moving his knuckles against Jared’s cock. What the hell? Parker wasn’t gay. He wasn’t even bi. Her friend was as straight as they came, yet here, in her dream, he caressed another man’s dick as though it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

“Parker?” Tessa felt her hands clench into fists, one in Jared’s hair, the other in his shirt. “What are you doing?”

“Tessa.” Parker groaned and shoved his cock against her even harder. Tessa stumbled but didn’t go far as Parker tightened his grip even more. In the darkness of the train car, Tessa could see a young woman watching the three of them from her seat, the cool glow of her phone illuminating her face. She grinned as Tessa flushed, giving her a thumbs-up before she keyed off the display, plunging the car back into total darkness. The grumbling of the other passengers barely penetrated the haze of sexual yearning in Tessa’s mind. She needed more. She was so hot. When Parker bit the side of her neck, she groaned quietly and yanked Jared’s mouth back down, licking at him as though he was her favorite flavor lollipop.

“Tessa, oh my God, don’t stop,” Parker murmured, salving the sting of his bite with his tongue. She didn’t. She kept on kissing Jared, sucking on his tongue, nibbling his lush lower lip with total abandon. The more she kissed him, the more her arms ached. She didn’t care who heard her. She could smell the heat of him, the musky sweetness of mint mixed with rain and trees and everything wild. Parker thrust against her again then abruptly pulled back. She tore her mouth away from Jared, trying to catch her breath. What was he doing? She almost cried out at the loss, but then she felt Parker’s fingers fumbling with the zip on his jeans.

“Parker, shit,” Jared whispered then he, too, lifted away from her. Tessa reached down and unbuttoned his pants before he could get to them. She opened the placket and dipped her hand inside. The head of his cock peeked over his boxer briefs, hot and sweet. Tessa’s mouth watered, but before she could shove his underwear down, Parker lifted her dress and pressed his hot erection against her bare skin. She shuddered, and Jared gasped as her hand tightened against him.

“Harder, Tessa. Like this.” Jared pushed down his briefs then rearranged her fingers around his dick. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back against Parker’s broad chest, knowing he’d keep her safe.

“Touch him, Tessa.” Parker nosed the base of her ear. “Flick your thumb over the head of his cock.” Tessa obeyed, loving the way Jared trembled as she slid her fingers over the pre-cum on the tip. She felt Parker lift her dress higher, higher, pulling it off and over her head, then suddenly she was naked in a train car full of people. She froze, Jared’s dick in her hand and Parker’s slipping between her ass cheeks.

“Shh, it’s okay, Tessa,” Parker soothed. “Look.” Tessa opened her eyes. The train was empty, lit only by the dim emergency lights over the door at the end of the car. They were alone. How? Why? She didn’t understand what had happened to the other passengers, then Jared thrust his cock into the circle of her fingers, jolting her back to awareness. Oh. It’s a dreamI can do anything I want. She released Jared, ignoring the way his cock immediately bobbed up hard against his stomach, and brought her thumb to her mouth. Jared’s nostrils flared as she licked his slickness off her finger. He tasted so sweet. She knew he wanted her mouth on him and abruptly dropped to her knees.

“Tessa, what are you—” Jared began but immediately broke off as she licked the sweet drop of pre-cum from the head of his dick. She savored the taste. Was that a hint of mint? Jared shivered as she looked at him, the delicious pink head of his cock so pretty she couldn’t do anything except give in to her urge. She slipped him into her mouth and sucked. Jared’s breath hitched, and she felt his legs lock as she tongued over the head and down his shaft. He tasted like night. Like a run in the woods just before it rained. What the hell? She slid back. He tasted like a wild forest. She struggled to understand why she was thinking such things, but when she looked up, all coherence fled. Jared had his hands on Parker’s face. His thumb dipped just inside her friend’s mouth. Parker looked like he’d been struck dumb.

“Parker?” Tessa asked, standing up. The men made room for her against them, but Jared never released Parker. Her friend shivered, and she ran her fingers through his honey-blond hair. So soft. He closed his eyes and leaned into her touch. When Jared touched his lips to Parker’s, she felt her friend freeze for just a moment before he leaned in, his tongue flicking out to taste. Jared opened his mouth, and Tessa stared, fascinated as their tongues met. A drop of moisture slid down her leg, and she couldn’t help sliding her hands down to touch herself. Her clit throbbed. Then Jared moaned brokenly, and Tessa glanced down. Their cocks were touching. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen.

“I’m going to come if you keep that up,” Parker muttered, his voice shocked. Tessa slid her fingers around her clit, groaning. She leaned against Parker. He pulled away from Jared, panting, then he looked down her body. Tessa knew her nipples were erect. She rubbed against his arm, savoring the warmth of his skin against her sensitive breasts. Suddenly, Parker seized her by the wrists. She shuddered as he pulled her hand away from her core and manhandled her onto one of the empty seats. Jared dropped to his knees as Parker urged her legs up, open. Tessa blushed. She could smell herself. She knew she was wet. She knew they could smell her, too, as Jared stopped moving in and abruptly squeezed his dick at the base, closing his eyes. He looked like he was about to faint. Or come.

“Tessa, oh my God, I had no idea.” Parker knelt down next to Jared. “You are so beautiful.” He slid his palms up her thighs, gently hooking her left leg over his shoulder. He glanced at the dark-haired man then lifted her other leg up onto Jared’s shoulder. She was completely exposed, her pussy wet and desperate for them. Tessa bit her lip. She knew she was blushing. She’d never been in this position before. She trembled as Parker leaned in, his breath warm against her clit. “I’m going to lick you until you can’t remember your name. Then I’m going to suck you until you scream.” When his lips touched her, Tessa went rigid. The pleasure was insane.

“So gorgeous, darling. So beautiful…”

She knew Jared was talking to her, too, but the sensation of Parker’s full lips against her soft folds turned her brain to mush. She was going to come. She needed to come. Her arms were killing her, itching and aching, but she couldn’t concentrate long enough to see if she’d hurt herself. She tried shoving her pussy at Parker, but he backed away every time she moved, evil man. She groaned as Parker flicked her clit with his tongue, bringing her closer and closer but never letting her fall over.

“Parker, oh my God, please, please, please,” she chanted, thrashing her head. She felt warm hands on her thighs, and then a strong finger sunk into her body, and she gasped, pushing down, needing more. She couldn’t believe it was Parker down there, her best friend, giving her such incredible pleasure. Her much younger best friend. And Jared was right there with him. Parker licked at her again, making her body clench.

“Shh, it’s all right,” Jared said, stroking her thigh. Parker paused. Tessa opened her eyes to see what was happening. She knew Parker had one arm around her leg. What she didn’t expect to see was his other arm wrapped around Jared’s neck. When Jared leaned in and kissed her friend, Parker moaned. The finger in her body eased in and out, bringing her perilously close to climax even without touching her clit, and she suddenly realized that it was Jared who had his hands on her pussy. Before she could really focus on that thought, Parker tore his mouth away from Jared and dived back into her, licking up and down her center as though he couldn’t get enough. His stubble scraped her labia, just on the edge of pain, but she didn’t care. When Jared added another finger, Tessa felt tears slip down her face. Her fingers and toes were numb. She couldn’t think straight, couldn’t control her limbs or the sounds coming out of her mouth. She was so close.

“Don’t stop, oh God, please don’t stop,” she cried, trying to wrap her legs tighter around her men, but Parker and Jared held her immobile. She couldn’t move. Couldn’t do anything except lie there and take the pleasure they doled out. She had no control over them. The only thing she could control was how much she wanted to give in. The deepest part of her told her in no uncertain terms to give them everything, and Tessa, God help her, obeyed. She let herself relax and trust them with everything she was. Parker smiled, and Jared’s face softened. She tried to smile back but couldn’t manage it. She’d surrendered, but that didn’t mean she was calm.

“Deep breath, Tessa,” Jared said then, his voice warm and heavy, and she trembled. He slid a finger over her wetness, teasing her, then moved down to her ass. When he began fingering at the tiny pucker between her cheeks, she lost it, her body spasming as he slipped inside, fingers filling her up everywhere. Parker leaned back in and sucked her clit. His tongue felt like it was rubbing circles into her soul. She may have screamed or moaned, but she wasn’t sure and didn’t care. Her climax crashed over her like a wave of darkness, the way the sun suddenly disappears and night falls when you least expect it. She smelled moisture and heat and the sweet, sweet scent of male spunk right before she collapsed, boneless. When she opened her eyes an eternity later, she realized it was morning. She was lying on her bed, sweaty and sticky, with the covers tangled around her feet. Her arms itched abominably, and someone was pounding on her door.

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