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All Romance eBooks is offering free books all month long! The first book in my Four-Letter Word series is available today! Check out Risk Is A Four-Letter Word at ARe… download it for free… see if you like it. If you do, there are two other books in the series just waiting for you to pick them up!

Risk Is A Four-Letter Word   Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word   LICK

Chance encounters never really go anywhere, do they? But what if you kept running into the same two people again and again? What if those encounters made you realize just how much you yearned for the kind of love you never thought you would ever experience? Would you take a chance and let it happen?

The Four-Letter Word series is all about taking a chance when a chance encounter convinces my heroines that the universe is trying to tell them something. Don’t worry, you can read them out of order, so feel free to pick and choose at will! Take a chance…