4 fun writing ideas… which one?


Now that I’ve typed THE END on my third angel shifters novella, it’s time to begin something new. I have a list of book ideas that is so long, I can’t keep track of them all. Do you want to help me choose? Pick your favorite and post it in the comments. If I write it, and it gets published, I’ll send you a free digital copy (that would probably be in a few months). I make NO PROMISES as to length, character names, etc. We can’t tie up the muse too much or she will get cranky. 😉

[ETA: I will only pick one winner, at random]

Pick your poison:

1. A reclusive billionaire is hiding on his island in the Florida keys—what happens when his best friend who comes to pull him out of his shell? (MM)

2. The slave/master sci-fi story, set on a desert planet—two civilizations are fighting and the prince of one is given a gift by his father. No one realizes that the “slave” (the gift) is the son of the opposing empire’s ruler… (MM)

3. The nice guy does a dumb thing story—he goes back to his hometown to take care of his dad (broken leg) and all the unattached women descend like locusts. He lies and tells everyone he’s gay in desperation. Then he begs his best friend to come visit and pretend to be his boyfriend. You can imagine what happens when this straight guy finds out that he really likes kissing his buddy. (MM)

4. The knitting needle fiasco short story—off-duty cop sits on his niece’s knitting needles and needs stitches, but when a sexy doctor tries to sew him up, she has a bit of trouble because certain things keep changing size… (MF)

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