You Taste So Sweet releasing January 17!

You Taste So Sweet is releasing January 17! In celebration, I’ve posted another excerpt, this one a wee bit steamy. 😉

Evernight Coming Soon

Editor's Pick

Releasing January 17, 2014!

Menage (MMF), Erotic Romance, New Adult, May/December, Paranormal
Word Count: 36,500
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

When an exploding meteor infects the world with a zombie virus, Lark knows survival will be tough. As monsters surround their dorm, Lark’s roommate insists her dad and his best friend will save them. Lark is skeptical until Ben and Dillon arrive in the nick of time. Despite their age difference, Lark can’t help falling for her sexy rescuers. When you’re fighting to survive, eighteen years doesn’t mean much.

Tragedy brings Ben and Dillon to Lark’s side. A promise keeps them there. When the men learn how strong Lark truly is, the three of them forge a bond thicker than blood in a few short days. Ben knows he must keep her safe, regardless of the cost. Where Ben goes, Dillon follows.

The three of them must practice a simple mantra to survive: Stick together. Keep your promises. Kill the zombies before they eat you.


Story Excerpt:

Lark swam out of her dream, warm and comfortable, the way she hadn’t been for weeks. She hadn’t been able to really rest since the meteor exploded over Atlanta, destroying her life and everyone else’s. She remembered falling asleep. She remembered Dillon taking off his boots and settling into bed. She remembered Ben in the chair. She could feel Dillon in front of her, sleeping. She breathed in slowly, too relaxed to move, and then unexpectedly, lips touched the back of her neck. She gasped, tension tightening her spine as she realized there was an arm around her waist. It had to be Ben. Olivia’s dad was in bed behind her.

He kissed her nape again, mumbling sleepily. Heat shot through her as he tightened his arm around her waist. His hot, strong body pressed up against her back. Holy shit, she thought, not sure what to do. She licked her lips, knowing he was still asleep. When Dillon shifted onto his side in front of her, she took a deep breath, all kinds of heated thoughts going through her head. Do I wake them up? Go back to sleep? She didn’t think she could fall back to sleep, not now anyway. Her skin was overheated and she pushed the covers down a little.

Dillon sighed, eyes closed. God, he has pretty eyelashes, she thought, like a ninny. Her eyes dropped to his lips. They were pink and full and for some reason, he looked a lot younger when he was sleeping. Her hand was right near his cheek and she almost touched him, but then Ben moved slightly, distracting her. Reminding her that another equally hot man had his hands on her. She bit her cheek, trying not to move, but his hips shifted closer.

Holy fuck, he has an erection, she thought, shocked for a split second. She closed her eyes, wondering again what the hell she should do, when Dillon moved closer and put his hand on her cheek. Her eyes snapped to his. Dark eyes looked steadily at her, mysterious in the dim room. Damn. He wasn’t asleep at all.

“Dillon,” she whispered thickly.

“Shh,” he said, moving in.

She couldn’t move if she wanted to. She watched him get closer and then his lips touched hers in the gentlest kiss of her life. The best kiss of my life, she thought, skin going hot. She’d long ago decided to repress and deny the fumbling, awkward make-out sessions she’d had with her single high school boyfriend. She wondered if Dillon could tell that she was a twenty-two year old virgin. He smiled and opened his eyes.

“So sweet,” he murmured, thumb moving over her lips.

He can’t tell how bad I am at this, she thought, bemused. Should she tell him? How could she possibly explain? After her parents died, she’d been too damn busy trying to feed herself and save for college to screw around. There’d been no time for dating. No time for boyfriends. And even if I had the time, I wanted it to be special.

Dillon kissed her again, just as gentle as the first time.

Lark’s breath hitched. She was tired of waiting for the perfect moment. And she’d probably not live very long, given the state of the world right now. The sudden realization of how much she wanted this shocked her to her bones.

When Dillon moved back, she forced herself to speak, shoving her uncomfortable emotions down. “Do you and Ben do this often?”

He chuckled. “No. We certainly don’t.”

Ben moved behind her again, pressing his cock into her ass in a way that made her want more. A lot more. She shuddered.

“But I’m feeling kind of awful, tonight,” Dillon continued, moving back a little. His expression was sad. “I want to remember what it’s like to be alive.” He stroked a finger down her cheek.

Lark frowned. “You are alive,” she said, as if mere words could fix him.

He shook his head and moved in for another kiss. She opened her mouth this time, kissing him back tentatively. He groaned, pushing closer. Lark grabbed his shoulders, feeling overwhelmed. When Ben suddenly woke up behind her, his body going still, she knew it was too late to say no. Not that I want to. I really want them. All her instincts were telling her to grab hold of this moment and revel in it, because the three of them might not survive past tomorrow. What use was waiting anymore?

“Lark,” Benedict said, his voice a low murmur. He’d gone still, but hadn’t moved away. She could feel him watching her and Dillon kiss.

“It’s okay,” she whispered when Dillon finally let her up for air.

Ben groaned. “You’re my daughter’s friend. God, this is so wrong.” His hips twitched.

“I’m twenty-two,” she said, hips twitching. “Not a child.”

He trembled, the arm around her waist like iron. She ran her hand across it, reveling in his strength. He was so very hot.

“Jesus,” he breathed, hips jerking.

Lark swallowed, throwing her head back. Dillon’s eyes were a dark glitter. He watched her put an arm up behind her head, around Ben’s neck, then he kissed down her collarbone. She cried out, needing more, and Ben thrust against her ass, all heat and instinct.

“God,” she said, voice thick with need. “Dillon—”

“Shh. Don’t speak,” he murmured, slipping the neck of her tank top down until her right breast peeked out. Olivia’s locket dangled lower and Dillon stared at it for a split second before closing his mouth over the tip of her nipple, nibbling until she arched her back.

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