What am I doing now?


I just finished revising a short story that was loads of fun to write: Karma Bites. It’s been accepted by my publisher and I’m waiting on a tentative publication date, yay! It’s about a guy who pretends to have a boyfriend (even though he isn’t gay) so his cousin Coco will stop pestering him for a date. Much ridiculousness happens! I laughed all the way through this one.

My newest menage, Joyful Devastation, was accepted by Evernight and will be coming out sometime in April. What happens when an off-duty cop sits on his niece’s knitting needles? He needs to go to the ER, of course. This one started off as a fun romp and morphed into a serious sci-fi novel.

Now what? After rummaging around in my virtual box of goodies, I think I’ll be writing a story about a cranky, eccentric, territorial hero who falls in love quite unwillingly. 🙂