Alien Invasion Giveaway!

ETA: I have picked the WINNER of my alien invasion giveaway! Did you know that most of you picked a spaceship for smexy times? Eight out of twelve merits an extra special prize, in my opinion, so I have picked another winner from those eight at random to win an ebook copy of my Marie E. Blossom novel, Devotion. Guess what happens in Devotion? Yup, smexy times on a SPACESHIP!



How many of you have watched the movie Independence Day? It’s one of my favorite films, probably because I like the way the heroes kick alien butt—all the way back into space where they came from! But I also love Star Wars and Enemy Mine and Alien (oh, can’t forget Blade Runner!). Sometimes the aliens are good, sometimes… well, not so much.


In honor of the release of JOYFUL DEVASTATION, my own version of an alien invasion disaster flick (in novel form), I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to the winner of my little contest below.


Answer the questions below by commenting on this post. I’ll pick a winner at random from the participants! The giveaway will last from today, April 2, until Tuesday, April 8.

My characters from Joyful Devastation first kiss on an elevator. After that, they continue to have adventures and smexy times in a variety of places. Where would you want to be trapped with a sexy alien hottie, and why? No one word answers, please…

elevator A. An elevator


spaceship C. A spaceship



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Menage (MMF), Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi, Rubenesque, Suspense, Paranormal
Word Count: 50,638
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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No one expects an alien invasion, least of all Dr. Bea Morgan, and especially not on the day she meets the man of her dreams. Wait, no, the men of her dreams. Two sexy officers in her ER is surprising, but when they steal a kiss from her on a broken elevator, everything changes.

Gideon Cearvall has been dreaming of a faraway desert tower his entire life, but he’s learned to put aside childhood fantasies. He’s a good cop with a great partner who considers him family. So what if he’s in love with his best friend? Theo will never know.

Theo Gray adores his family and his partner. He’s perfectly happy—until he meets the curvy doctor who rocks his world. When a kiss turns into a fight for survival, he struggles with his desire for both Gideon and Bea.

When aliens devastate your world, love is all that will keep you alive.

Be warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, rimming, spanking





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What are people saying about Joyful Devastation?

Manic Readers

Rating: 4 stars!

While Joyful Devastation by Erin M. Leaf depicts post apocalypse earth, it is in no way dark. Throughout much of the story Bea, Theo and Gideon had no idea what happened to the world they knew outside of their corner of the world. Ms. Leaf focused on the growing relationship between the trio in spite of the invasion that brought back memories for Gideon and disturbed both Theo and Bea. I enjoyed seeing the trust Gideon and Theo had through their working relationship morph into something more sensual with the addition of Bea. I enjoyed seeing Bea surprise herself as she went after not one but two men she just met. The connection made under trying circumstances continued to grow as the world around them exploded.

I am generally not a fan of world coming to an end stories as they tend to be gritty and hopeless. However, Ms. Leaf gave us a tale full of hope along with a side of growing love. This was a well written and enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Titania