Do you like sci-fi romance?


broken  Do you like sci-fi? Did you like Broken, my Planet Alpha novel?

If so, you might be happy to hear that I’ve written more than one science fiction romance—->

joyful-devastation  Joyful Devastation is a sci-fi menage that begins with a hilarious trip to the ER. Night Owl Reviews just gave it four stars!


I really enjoyed this book, in part because I wasn’t quite expecting to. … there were enough plot twists to keep everything fresh and interesting.

Read the rest of the review.

YTSS  You Taste So Sweet is a zombie menage (the zombies rise because an alien virus that infected people via meteor).

Writing as Marie E. Blossom, I have two MORE sci-fi novels:

Bitten by Darkness  Bitten by Darkness (sci-fi vampires, oh my!)

Devotion  Devotion (a sci-fi epic adventure where Queen Ximena and her bodyguard must save their planet)


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Menage (MMF), Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi, Rubenesque, Suspense, Paranormal
Word Count: 50,638
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

No one expects an alien invasion, least of all Dr. Bea Morgan, and especially not on the day she meets the man of her dreams. Wait, no, the men of her dreams. Two sexy officers in her ER is surprising, but when they steal a kiss from her on a broken elevator, everything changes.

Gideon Cearvall has been dreaming of a faraway desert tower his entire life, but he’s learned to put aside childhood fantasies. He’s a good cop with a great partner who considers him family. So what if he’s in love with his best friend? Theo will never know.

Theo Gray adores his family and his partner. He’s perfectly happy—until he meets the curvy doctor who rocks his world. When a kiss turns into a fight for survival, he struggles with his desire for both Gideon and Bea.

When aliens devastate your world, love is all that will keep you alive.

Be warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, rimming, spanking


BookStrand Bestseller!




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