Mid Week Tease #MWTease: lost in spaaaaaaace! DAMAGED (Planet Alpha) coming soon!


It’s Mid Week Tease time again, hosted by the phenomenally awesome Sandra Bunino! Thanks Sandra!

Because I’m so excited about having another Planet Alpha book accepted by Evernight, I’m posting a small (unedited) teaser from DAMAGED (Planet Alpha). This features the first kiss between the heroine, Cori, and a mysterious man she’s met. His name is Reiyn. It’ll be releasing soon!


“I had begun to think you had abandoned me,” Reiyn said quietly.

Cori stumbled, almost dropping the dratted backpack. “Shit. Warn someone when you’re going to sneak up on them,” she said, heart pounding.

He slipped out from the shadows at the edge of the trail. The setting sun gilded his skin, making him glow like something out of a book. He was shirtless and Cori blinked, hands tightening on the straps. Jesus, he’s gorgeous. His leather pants were high-waisted, covering him half-way up his abdomen, but they didn’t detract one bit from his impressive physique.

“It is never wise to warn prey of the hunter’s presence,” he replied, his voice deepening even more.

“So, I’m your prey now?” she asked him, slipping the backpack from her shoulders. “I think not.” He could carry the damn thing for her if he was going to make stupid threats.

He lifted a shoulder and ignored her question. “Is that the fuel cell?”

She nodded. “Feel free.” She nudged at it with her foot.

As he stooped to pick it up, her eyes widened. His bare back was criss-crossed with silver scars. He’d been lashed. A lot.

“Jesus,” she muttered, staring. Her fingers twitched. She wanted to smooth her palms down over his back. As if that would do any good. Those scars are years old, she thought, squashing the notion before her libido grabbed it and ran away from her.

He straightened up, lifting the heavy fuel cell effortlessly.

“That’s why you do this,” she said instead of touching him. She needed to say something. “Why you work to free slaves. It’s because you were one of them.”

His expression darkened. “Do you still insist on coming with me?”

She frowned. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

He turned on his heel and headed down to the small clearing. The ship sat silently in the fading sunlight, camouflaged with netting and dried grasses. She wished she had a way to use it’s old cloaking function, but maintaining that tech was way out of her price range.

“I know what it feels like,” she said, following him.

Abruptly, he stopped. Cori almost ran into him.

“You know nothing of this,” he said tersely, waving a hand at his skin.

“I was a slave, too,” she said, defiant. She didn’t care if it pissed him off. Nothing he did made sense. One moment he was strong and quiet, and the next, he was aloof and angry. She didn’t understand him.

“I was born in slavery,” he said, dropping the fuel cell into the dirt. “Were you?”

She swallowed, then shook her head. “No. I was captured from a refugee camp after my family died. I was thirteen.” She touched his arm, knowing she was playing with fire. His skin was smooth and warm. “Even so, I know what it feels like to have no freedom.”

Reiyn laughed bitterly, muscles bunching under her fingers. “You think so?” He grabbed her forearms and pulled her against his chest, hard enough to bruise.

Strangely, Cori wasn’t frightened. They pressed together tightly enough that the heat of him warmed her entire body. Arousal slid through her, fast and shocking.

“You know nothing of what I suffered,” he said, then bent his head down and kissed her roughly.

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13 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease #MWTease: lost in spaaaaaaace! DAMAGED (Planet Alpha) coming soon!

  1. Yum, love a rough bit of manhandling that ends with a kiss, that’s consensual enough to be legal, but unexpected or uninvited enough to be shocking. 🙂

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