Mid Week Tease: Bestie Bodyguard again – #MWTease


It’s Mid Week Tease time again, hosted by the delightful Sandra Bunino!

I’m still working on a my MM romantic comedy. It’s a story about a billionaire, his best friend/bodyguard, and their complete inability to understand that they belong together. The story has kind of gotten away from me… it was supposed to be a quick, short, funny read, and now it’s growing into a suspense/thriller. Gah! I’m plugging away at it though.

In the teaser below, Jesse and Alex are trying to come to grips with their relationship and the violence that seems to stalk them everywhere they go.



“Yeah, yeah,” Alex replied, smiling.

Jesse shifted. “So maybe I was bi and I didn’t tell anyone.”

“How did that work out for you?” Alex asked, twining his fingers with Jesse’s. “I bet it was fun in the military.”

“I was too busy to worry about it,” Jesse said, hardly able to believe he was thinking about this. “I really didn’t think I was bisexual.”

“I’ve seen you checking guys out, Jesse.” Alex leaned back and gave him a look. “I’ve watched you do it for years.”

Jesse rubbed his face. “Yeah, well. I didn’t think about it consciously.”

Alex was silent for a long moment. “Maybe you didn’t. That’s why I didn’t push you until now.”

Jesse closed his eyes, unutterably grateful to have this man as his best friend. “I know. Thanks.” He shifted his weight again, making a face as the drying lube stuck to the sofa. “We need to get cleaned up.”

Alex nodded. “Yeah. And we need to do some research.”

Jesse stood up, ignoring the itch starting on his skin. “Your office is the best place for that.” He laughed, giving Alex a hand up. “Good thing my clothes fit you. We didn’t have time to pack.”

“Won’t they be looking for us there?”

Jesse shook his head. “They might be, but we’ve gotta start somewhere. You still have your carry license?”


“Good. I’ve got a Beretta with your name on it,” Jesse said.

“I don’t like guns,” Alex told him. “You know that.”

Jesse gave him a long look. “You do now.”


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