Where am I? What am I doing?


22 June 2015

This spring (and now the beginning of summer) has been challenging. Some of the things keeping me from my usual schedule of writing? –> husband’s car blew up two days before he started a new job (which led to test drives and shopping and repair stuff), husband thought it might be a good idea to move closer to his new job (which meant I had to go house shopping… not moving this year though, yay!), house renovations (drywall, exterior work, landscaping, electrical, ugh), older kid moving to VA, younger kid graduating high school, multiple dr. appts., ….. etc. I’m still in the midst of all this, as I type. This week is more house renovations, more dr. appts., and to top it all off, a PARTY.

None of this stuff is bad. None of it equals terrible health problems (the dr. stuff is all normal–allergies, wisdom teeth, eyes), so I truly can’t complain. However, it’s definitely impacted my ability to write. I treat my writing like a full-time job and the past few months have been very frustrating. If I had a regular job I’d have had to take vacation days or a leave of absence or maybe just not sleep? Ever? So, yes, I’m grateful.

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my books and reviewed and commented. You keep me going in times like this. I really appreciate your support. 😀

My writing schedule right now:

1. Working on edits for Bitter Bite, yay!

2. Writing a short story, Handy Harry. This is going to be a ridiculous silly story. 🙂

3. Writing Bad Oak Boys number 2: Josh and Gerwulf’s story. My tentative title is Alpha Shaman.

Yes, I’m working on all of this simultaneously. Because I am insane.