Work In Progress


17 november 2016

Ok, yes, it’s been a long, long while since I updated this, but I have excuses! I had surgery! And insane real life stuff! And mental trauma! 😀

Right now I’m working on A WARLOCK’S SURPRISE, the sequel to A WARLOCK’S BEST FRIEND. I adore writing humor stories.

HER DANGEROUS MISTAKE (dragon shifters on Earth/secret/whoa) is still ongoing. This story has become a bit longer and more complicated than I intended, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I will probably pick up this story when I finish A WARLOCK’S SURPRISE.

I have plans to continue the Sky Hunters series. The next novel is tentatively titled FLIGHT, and will feature two new heroes. I’m also going to continue the Stronghold series, as that story holds a special place in my heart. Next up is DAWN, Isaac’s story. I love sci-fi. 🙂

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