What am I working on now? #amwriting


3 june 2017

DAWN, Stronghold 3, is releasing June 9, 2017!

Right now I’m working on DAY, book four of the Stronghold series.

After that…. who knows? Any suggestions? Is there any trope in particular you’d like to see me write? Gay romance? MF romance? Menage?


gay for you
best friends to lovers
best friend’s sister/brother/child
Boss/PA (including billionaire boss)
straight to gay (soulmate is unexpectedly male)
tough guy (cop, military, jock.)/nerd-geek
mannies: single dad falls for male nanny
forced proximity/trapped together

6 thoughts on “What am I working on now? #amwriting

  1. I love your M/M stories! My favorite tropes are gay for you, straight to gay, and best friends to lovers! I think trapped together might be interesting as well! I can’t wait to see what you decide to read next 🙂

    • Thank you, Veronica! I’m so glad you like my M/M stories. Trapped sounds intriguing to me, too. And the best friends trope. I probably won’t decided until I’m actually writing it, LOL.

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