Day (Stronghold 4) is nearly done!

Stronghold is the last defense against humanity’s ancient enemy…

I’m busy putting the finishing touches on DAY, the final book of the Stronghold series. Here is the blurb–>

Bruno Day knows the moment he sets eyes on Amy that he won’t be able to stay away from her, but he doesn’t want to drag her into his dangerous life—his duty is to save humanity. She may help them survive if he makes her his mate, but what if the price is her death?

Amy Roderick never expects Bruno Day to show up at her house and ask for her help. She’s just an ordinary person, and he’s the larger-than-life leader of the Sentries. What could she possibly do to help? And why are her instincts telling her they’re meant for each other?

Power and determination have kept them safe for years, but now Bruno and his brothers must face the ultimate battle: an alien swarm that could devour the entire planet. Everything depends on the decision of one young woman: will Amy follow her heart or sacrifice her life for duty?

The Sentries are territorial, guarded, and relentless in their duty to defend humanity from a secret, deadly menace. In order to remain vigilant, these semi-immortal men must remain aloof and solitary. No one, not even their true mate, will distract them from their mission to protect Earth from annihilation…

Greyson Dark, Sentry, specialization: fabrication and engineering. Brown hair, brown eyes, grouchy and gruff. Territory: Ohio and westward.

Solomon Dusk, Sentry, specialization: scientist/computer science. Brown hair, light brown eyes, secretive. Territory: Mt. Washington, New Hampshire and points north.

Isaac Dawn, Sentry, specialization: pilot/power focus. Dark brown hair, green eyes, seemingly careless exterior hiding a focused intensity. Territory: San Francisco Peaks.

Bruno Day, Sentry, specialization: politician/leader. Very suave and polished in public, temperamental and often angry in private. Territory: Manhattan, New York and south.

Click on the covers for more information!

dark    dusk    



2 thoughts on “Day (Stronghold 4) is nearly done!

  1. hi Erin M Leaf, I miss hearing from u, I tried getting back to u cuz I accidently push the wrong button on my laptop by mistake and took of I think it says I can’t even remember what it says but I want to apologize to u. I do miss hearing from u. Could I sak a question please? r u still doing MM books. thanks

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