Work in progress, or WHOA, girl, pick a story and stick with it…


01 june 2018

THE ELEVATOR – Adrian & Greyson (Close Proximity 1) is coming in July! This is a new short story series (gay romance) that uses one of my favorite tropes: forced proximity. What do you do when you’re stuck in a small place with the object of your desire? Do you hookup? Fight? Fall in love? I’ve already written the second story, THE CABIN: same trope, new characters, and I’m hard at work on the third in the series: THE DRIVE. I’m loving these shorter stories. My brain needed a break from the longer stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on SEER, the sequel to SOULMATE. I had to take a break and let the story breathe a bit, but it’s half done. After that, the sequel to QUEEN WOLF is next! WITCH WOLF is going to be a lot of fun to write.



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