It’s my birthday, but you’re getting the gifts!!!

It’s my birthday, but you’re getting the gifts!

[ETA: thank you all for commenting! I’ve picked my winners. 😀 ]

In celebration of my birthday, I’m giving away an ebook copy of one of my Close Proximity novellas!

All you have to do is comment below: tell me what your favorite birthday gift of all time was, and which Close Proximity book you’d like, and I’ll pick a winner at random.

Bonus gift: the best birthday gift story will win a $10 Amazon gift card!


Happy Birthday to me! and to you!

The Elevator — Adrian & Greyson

Adrian Hughes is a geek who sucks at social interaction because awkward is his middle name. Even though he’s gay, he’s the opposite of flamboyant (when they were handing out fabulous, he was hiding in another room). Even so, he’s always wanted a boyfriend—who doesn’t want to find love?—but so far, the closest he’s gotten to it is crushing on the hot older guy he only sees on the elevator. So what happens when he’s trapped inside it with Mr. Zillionaire Hottie during a heat wave brownout? He stutters like an idiot, because Mr. Greyson Lee is unexpectedly cool, calm, and collected … right up until he’s not.

When kissing leads to sex, Adrian can’t say no. But is it just a hookup? Or is it the start of something more?

Adrian Hughes: 25 years old, 5’10”, short dark hair, blue eyes, white, muscular, gay. Younger, highly intelligent software expert, stuck in crap job, works on 30th floor of office building in midtown Manhattan.

Greyson Lee: 40 years old, 6′, half Korean, half white, rugged, CEO type, beard, brown eyes, dark hair silvering at temples, 6’2″, owns Dragon Investments, very wealthy. Mom was white and her last name was Greyson. He has a large tattoo of a dragon on his torso. Smaller tattoo on left forearm. Owns office building in midtown Manhattan.


The Cabin — Flynn & Beau

Flynn is having a terrible day—his fiancée jilted him at the altar and now he’s alone on his honeymoon. Going to a wilderness resort by himself was probably not his best idea, but then artist Beau Green arrives to make everything even more complicated. A reservation mistake and stormy weather means the charismatic black man is out of options for the night, but Flynn can’t let someone sleep on a cold floor when there’s a perfectly good sofa in his cabin. When the power dies, Flynn ends up on the sofa, too, because there’s only one fireplace, and freezing is not part of his plan for the day.

Also not planned? Having sex with a dude, but Beau is everything his ex is not—kind, strong, and intelligent. Unfortunately, Flynn is straight, and falling for a man might be one disaster too many for him to handle.

Flynn Russell, 26 years old, blond, green eyes. Dumped at the altar. Doesn’t realize he’s gay. Owns custom car shop with father.

Beau Green, 30 years old, black, dark hair, light brown eyes, beard, silver barbel nipple piercings, artist and photographer on retreat. Does high quality portraits, and celebrity portraits. Raised by single father. Mother died in childbirth.


The Drive — Liam & Charlie

Liam is done with love, but his daughter Portia has other plans. When he arrives to pick her up from college, she sets him up with her friend Charlie, and merrily heads off to her internship without them. Liam is left with an uncomfortable hard-on for Portia’s bestie, and a long drive to Vegas with a guy too young to know what to do with a guy Liam’s age.

Charlie thought he liked girls. More specifically, he thought he liked Portia, but when her dad offers him a ride home after graduation, he suddenly, shockingly realizes that he doesn’t like women at all. He likes Liam, and he wants to hook up as soon as possible, and maybe not ever let go. So, when Liam makes an offer he can’t refuse, what’s he supposed to do? Say no to the hottest person he’s ever met?

Liam Humphrey, 40 years old, brown hair, beard, grey eyes. Bisexual, divorced, and not looking for love. Owns a nightclub in Las Vegas.

Charlie Dwight, 21 years old, best friends with Liam’s daughter, Portia. Just graduated from college, and is looking for a job.


The Flight — Ethan & Sebastian

Flirting at thirty thousand feet with a charming rock star is a terrible idea, especially since Sebastian can’t afford to lose his job as a flight attendant. Ethan Clementine may be hot and oh-so-talented, but Sebastian has no desire to join the mile high club, or so he tells himself. The truth is that he misses playing music, and he would love to fall in love with the right guy, but everyone knows Ethan is into women.

Ethan is tired of traveling, tired of fame, and he’s especially tired of pretending he’s straight. He’s been in the closet for so long, it seems pointless to come out as bi, especially with his career in the balance. So what does he do when he meets sexy flight attendant Sebastian? He sings the man into the sack, because one hookup doesn’t mean he’s going to fall in love, right?

Ethan Duke Clementine, 33 years old, shaggy dark hair, electric blue eyes, rock star extraordinaire, looking for peace.

Sebastian Hunter, 23 years old, short brown hair, brown eyes, working a dead end job to pay the bills, would rather be making music.

7 thoughts on “It’s my birthday, but you’re getting the gifts!!!

  1. I can’t really choose because I rarely receive gifts. I was raised in a family where when you’re not a child anymore, it’s alright if you don’t receive a gift. My childhood was a blur because it just kind of passed… We were very poor those days, my dad was a fisherman and my mom sells home-made treats. And there were days when we wouldn’t be able to eat anything at all but porridge the whole day. It was such trying times so I don’t really remember any gifts given before.

    So what I could consider as the best gift of all-time was my twenty-eight birthday cake. It was given by my eldest brother who also gave the cake we had on my fifth birthday.

    I wasn’t able to have a proper birthday cake since I was five, so I’m quite emotional when I received a cake. That’s just a month ago. I was happy. It was a memorable one. 🙂

  2. I never really celebrated my birthday until I met my DH and he started planning things. The best was a weekend away for my birthday where he set up the hotel, got the kids settled at my mom’s for the weekend and whisked me away for an entire weekend where work and family didn’t interfere.

    • Dawn, I keep coming back to your bday story because it’s so romantic! I love it. You’re the winner of the Amazon gc. I think I have your email already, so keep an eye out for it. 😀

  3. Happy Birthday to u and many more, and I do have all of your new books, thanks for offering, and love all of them, and I read and re-read them all the time

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