Piper’s Price is amazeballs!!!

Everyone who’s ever visited my site knows that I don’t do a lot of promo for other authors here (mostly because I have a limited amount of time in my life, and something has to give). So, when I DO promo other books, it’s usually because they are extraordinary. Today I present to you:

This book is bonkers. It is hot. It is dark. It is a dystopian future that you couldn’t possibly imagine. It’s also an Editor’s Pick from Evernight.

(Disclaimer: I know this author and he is not new to either the horror genres or the dystopian genres. This new pen name of his looks to have a lot of exciting stuff coming out in the future.)

Consequences, Live 1

To the world, Robbie McNeal is a young man to be envied. A senator’s son, raised in wealth and privilege, he’s got everything—but all he really wants is the courage to ask out the girl in his government class. He has reached the age of transition, the final four years before all of society’s secrets are unveiled, along with the rights of full citizenship. He’s new to college, new to adulthood, and totally unprepared for the penalty he must pay when he makes one very bad decision.

Madison Piper, a fellow freshman and art class model—and the subject of Robbie’s unshakable crush—will be instrumental in his discipline.

The punishment will be televised. The show, born from a law written by Robbie’s own father, is in its second year. The audience needs something new—and the common people can’t wait to see Robbie pay the piper.

Be Warned: BDSM, public exhibition, spanking, f/f interaction, m/m interaction, flogging, orgies, cock-torture, rimming [<– this warning is not a joke, people, lol]

Buy links: EvernightAmazon

Happy Release Day, D.A. Maddox!!!

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