Where have I been? What am I doing?


18 mar 2020

Hello everyone! It has TRULY been a long long time since I updated you on my life and writing. Of course, like everyone else, I’ve been dealing with this new and terrifying reality that includes Coronavirus (COVID-19) and trying to keep myself and my family safe and healthy. I wish the world weren’t so scary right now, but here we are. So far, we are fine. Fingers crossed.

As for the past year: I have been tackling a bunch of very annoying health issues and I’ve come out the other side (sort of). Here is a quick rundown: basically, my lungs went crazy last year and I couldn’t breathe right. Doctors have finally determined that it is allergies, and those allergies are now always switched on somehow, even without the presence of allergens. This problem leads to many sinus infections, and that leads to antibiotics, and that leads to stomach issues, etc. and I can assure you we are all very much sick of my snot troubles here, LOL.

I also had hip problems (torn tendon, inflamed tendons, fluid buildup), and I’m hoping that those resolve now that I’ve had many exciting treatments for that. It’s a waiting game right now to see if it works.

Anyway, this is all just to say: whoops! I had a bit of trouble writing with the insane sinus headaches I’ve been getting. It makes it a wee bit difficult to concentrate. But there is GOOD news! Magic Never Lies is coming soon! I have a cover, and I’m just waiting on a release date.

I am still planning on reworking two stories and getting them out to you via self-publishing this summer. I have a lot of work ahead as I learn how to do this, so please bear with me. I’m excited about them!

Please stay as safe as you can in these terribly uncertain times. We are in this together. Sending my love to all my readers!

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