Work in Progress


28 july 2022

Good news! –> I’m not dead. 🙂

Yesterday, I finished the longest novel I’ve ever written. It took over two years. It’s 79,000 words.

Why did it take so long? Because I suffered a massive case of creative burnout on top of a whole bunch of other health issues including several surgeries and mystery illnesses over the past few years.

How am I doing now? Excellent! I’m healed. I can walk again (and run and hike and do all the things). I can breathe again. I am sleeping again.

What is the new book about? It’s a bonus sequel to my Bad Oak Boys series:

Rock star Sebastian River has it all: fame, fortune, and forbidden witch power. So what if he’s lonely? He can always crash one of his cousins’ concerts for kicks—the Bad Oak boys are shifters, but River can hold his own when it comes to music. Yet when an explosive encounter with a fan triggers dormant werewolf genes, he must suddenly grapple with a bond he never expected with a wolf who ghosts him right after the music stops.

Werewolf Gregor Eutimo expects nothing but a fun night out when his sister drags him to a River concert, yet the moment he sees the man singing his heart out on stage, something wild clicks. A hot hookup with a rock star isn’t on his menu, but he can’t deny the mating instinct, not even when it means finally accepting his bisexuality. Not even when it means more power and love than he ever expected.

I have a ton of ideas for new books, and I’m truly looking forward to writing again, after too many years of silence in my head.

I hope you are all doing well. Sending you virtual hugs through the web.