Appassionato – Dream Marked #1

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Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre (MMF), Paranormal

Word Count: 64,657
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

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When Emma dreams about super-famous rockstar Duncan and his friend Jake, it never occurs to her they might be dreaming too. About her. Everyone knows dreams aren’t real, but what will happen when the trio’s shared visions develop into a passion that can’t be denied?

When reports of a new “bonding” phenomenon surface, Duncan and Jake finally realize why they feel so connected to the sweet high-school librarian they’ve never met. The headaches and dreams suddenly make sense, but it isn’t until they meet Emma face-to-face that instinct takes over, and passion binds their minds and bodies into a link that can’t be broken.

Then, just as the happy ending Emma always hoped for seems possible, a hostage crisis and a series of kidnappings threatens everything. Can the trio unravel the conspiracy in time to protect the future of their bond?


What are people saying about Appassionato?

Happily Ever After Reviews – 4.5 teacups!

“This was easily one of the best ménages I’ve ever read. … Ms. Leaf’s ability to build characters and suspense kept me hanging on every word the entire way through.”


The Romance Reviews – 4 stars!

“APPASSIONATO is a wonderful M/M/F menage story. I loved the characters, their incendiary relationship, and the suspenseful plot. I’ve read book two of the series already and adored it as much as this first book. Erin M. Leaf is now on my auto-buy list.”


Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 stars!

“I’m not typically a big fan of paranormal stories, but Appassionato had a very cool and interesting concept, not to mention the promise of some super hot MMF action that made me anxious to dig in. Emma’s erotic dream set the tone for the explosive sex and undeniable chemistry the trio experienced throughout the story line.”

Story Excerpt:

“You smell amazing,” Jake muttered, then pushed her thighs open wider. “I want to lick you until you scream.” Emma shuddered and almost lost her balance as he ran his thumbs down her labia, but Duncan caught her, hands on her hips, eyes staring down at Jake. He looked like he couldn’t decide if he wanted to kiss the other man or devour her. Emma groaned, sensing his conflict. Duncan was looking at Jake’s mouth where the other man had his lower lip caught in his own teeth, and Emma’s mind caught a flash of Duncan’s desire to suck on that lip. She opened her legs wider, wanting to see them kiss again. She pushed at Duncan’s shoulders until he dropped down. He went willingly, kissing her mound before leaning in and capturing Jake’s mouth right between her legs. Emma would have fallen if Duncan hadn’t still been holding her up. Jake had one thumb against her clit as the other slid inside her body. She shook, already on the edge. If he would just move his finger…

He didn’t. Instead he kissed Duncan, his whole focus on the other man. Or not? Emma concentrated and slid into Jake’s mind. He was enjoying the kiss, but very carefully not moving his hands, wanting to prolong the pleasure. She didn’t know where he found the control to manage it but couldn’t help but be impressed. Then Duncan pulled away and stood up. He caught Emma’s eyes and deliberately unbuttoned his jeans. She trembled as Jake pressed his thumb against her core, rubbing gently, but not enough to make her come.

“Jake, please,” she gasped. Jake chuckled and slipped away, ignoring her moan of protest. He tugged her to the bed and pushed her until she sat, then he unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down with his boxers. His cock sprung out, the tip red and wet. Emma licked her lips, wanting to taste. Duncan groaned and she looked at him, jeans unzipped, his erection pushing against the soft cotton of his briefs.

“Jesus, Jake,” Duncan breathed. Emma agreed, licking her lips again. She reached out, but Jake stepped away.

“Uh uh. If we don’t get Duncan naked, he’s going to trip and kill himself and then we won’t get to fuck him,” Jake stated, a thread of humor beneath the desire-tinged hoarseness of his voice. Emma blinked then flushed at his bald statement. She was amazed by his courage. She didn’t know if she would’ve had the fortitude to deal with a sudden bisexual bonding as well as he had. Since he’d made the decision to accept what had happened, he’d embraced his newfound attraction to Duncan whole-heartedly. She caught him smiling at her and blushed as she felt him reading her thoughts.

Duncan laughed. “Who says you’re going to fuck me?” Then he pushed his jeans down and Emma stared. He had the largest cock she’d ever seen. Not that I’ve seen that many, she thought. How could she have missed this the last time they were naked together?

“Uh,” Jake tried to speak, then licked his lips. Emma realized that the other man was as astonished as she was. Jake tried again. “Shit, man, you could cause some serious damage with that thing!”

Emma grinned as Duncan walked over to his friend. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing,” Duncan said as he slid his hands down, capturing Jake’s dick in his palms. He pressed closer, folding his own cock into his hands as well. Jake gasped, clutching at Duncan’s biceps. Emma couldn’t look away as Duncan leaned in for a kiss as he gently moved his fingers around both of them. She could tell the exact moment Jake gave into Duncan’s superior experience, shuddering and pushing his hips closer.

“Duncan, if you don’t stop, I’m going to come,” Jake said after a moment, his voice shaky as Duncan mouthed over his jaw, rubbing his face against the other man’s stubble. Duncan stilled, then stepped back. He looked dazed. Jake gripped his cock hard, then let go and turned to Emma.

“Lie down, honey.” Jake pushed her down on the bed and then urged her up until her head lay on the pillows. Her legs trembled as he palmed them open, cupping her mound with one hand while his other drifted up to her breasts. She turned her head at the sound of a drawer opening and realized Duncan was rummaging through her nightstand. He pulled out lube and a strip of condoms.

“You’re a girl scout,” he teased, tossing the supplies on the bed. Emma smiled, then arched her back as Jake plunged his fingers inside her pussy, avoiding her clit.

She gasped. “Please, Jake, come on—” She thrashed her head, as he slipped a finger over her center.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you there,” Jake said, settling down. He breathed on her, then dipped his head, licking her clit with small, delicate strokes. Emma moaned, closing her eyes. She didn’t even protest when she felt Duncan hold her hands down.

“You’re so beautiful like this, spread out for us.” Duncan leaned over her, pressing his cock into her hip as he leaned down to kiss her. Emma opened her mouth, reaching for more, but he was already licking down her neck, sucking hickeys into her skin. He didn’t pause until he reached her left nipple. She held her breath, trying not to wiggle and dislodge Jake between her legs, but then Duncan bit her and she couldn’t help it, she bucked against their hands, desperate for more.

“Please, please, please,” she heard someone begging, then realized it was her. She caught flashes of herself in the minds of Jake and Duncan—her body, stretched out on the bed. Her hair mussed against white sheets, her curves so delicious—she couldn’t believe they thought of her like that. They thought she was beautiful. She opened her eyes to see both men looking down at her, Jake’s fingers still stroking where his mouth left off, Duncan licking the nipple he’d just nipped. She felt her orgasm come over her in a tsunami of need. She couldn’t think anymore. She just wanted and wanted until she thought she’d die of it.

“Easy, honey,” Jake murmured. He sucked her clit back into his mouth, tonguing her more thoroughly now, but never letting her fall over the edge. Every time she came close he backed off. She moaned, grabbing at the sheets and then at Duncan’s hair, incoherent. She heard the sound of a wrapper and dimly realized that Duncan was rolling on a condom. She forced her eyes open just in time to see Jake move to let Duncan take his place. She arched her back, still clutching Duncan’s hair. Jake watched Duncan press his cock down, playing the thick head over her clit until Emma shifted her hips, trying to slip him inside.

“Take a deep breath,” Duncan said, the strain on his face making him look even more gorgeous than usual. She obeyed and he eased the head of his erection inside. She pulled on his hair and he smiled, then pressed in a tiny bit. Her eyes widened as she felt exactly how big he was.

I’ll fit, don’t worry, he thought to her and Emma nodded. Just relax, sweetheart. He pushed in a tiny bit more, his cock so thick that she could feel his length scrape against her clit. It felt divine.