Tango Trio – Dream Marked #2

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Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre (MMF), Paranormal, Shifters
Word Count: 65,612
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

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Tessa never expects to dream about two gorgeous guys making love to her on the train. She certainly never imagines they might be real men. Or that one of them is her sexy friend Parker and the other their insanely hot dance teacher, Jared. She definitely doesn’t anticipate the three of them bonding and fighting enemies desperate to steal their blood. Who would create a drug that gives non-bonded humans extrasensory powers? It seems insane until Tessa learns that her mother might be the chemist behind it all. Even so, she certainly doesn’t expect her senses to go haywire or for the bonding to give her the ability to heal. And shape-shift. Mostly, she doesn’t expect to live happily ever after with her bond-mates when so many different people want them dead. But she hopes she can.

What are people saying about Tango Trio?

The Romance Reviews – 4 stars!

“TANGO TRIO was a very good ménage story but also worked as a strong paranormal romance. The plot was well paced and balanced the many spicy sexual encounters.”


The Romance Studio – 4.5 stars!


“Ms. Leaf is a wonderfully talented writer with a fun, easy style. Overall, Tango Trio is an action-packed must-read that’s so full of paranormal twists and turns you’ll never see what’s coming next. I can’t wait for the next installment!”


Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4.5 stars!

“Along with some of the most erotic sex I’ve read, this book also features an interesting storyline, relatable characters and some wild supernatural powers that are bestowed upon bonded trios.”


Story Excerpt:

“Do you have condoms?” Parker asked Jared, who nodded and rolled away. Tessa barely noticed their interaction. She felt them in her mind, and the tight control they were holding on their arousal made her crazy. She wanted them to let go. She frowned, forcing mental claws into the surface of their thoughts. She wanted to get their attention. Jared froze as he came back from the nightstand, a strip of condoms dangling from his hand. Parker grunted, his fingers stabbing into her with such clever aim Tessa bucked, nearly at her climax even after just that little bit of stimulation.

“Why are you teasing me?” She moaned, swiping at their minds again. She didn’t claw at them hard enough to hurt. She could never hurt them. But she wanted them to understand the bonding heat was driving her insane. It was time to stop talking.

“Shit, how did you do that?” Jared asked, his voice dangerously low. Seductive.

She shook her head, shoving at their minds again. How to explain what she didn’t really understand herself?

“Jesus, Tessa, hang on,” Parker panted. She opened her eyes to slits when he withdrew his hand and watched as Jared rolled a condom down Parker’s lovely, lovely cock. He shifted until he was on top of her, and then he looked at Jared. The two men communicated something to each other, and then Tessa felt herself being lifted onto Parker’s lap, his cock nudging at her entrance. She moaned and worked herself down on him. He was huge. She hid her face in his neck.

“Tessa, take it easy,” Jared murmured behind her. She trembled as Parker’s full length slid into her. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t control her legs at all. If Parker hadn’t been holding her up, she would’ve fallen. He leaned back, the muscles in his abdomen rippling, until he was reclining against the wooden headboard. He pulled her forward with him, and she felt his legs open, forcing hers even wider. Exposing her backside completely. She jerked as she felt Jared’s fingers at her rear. He teased at the puckered entrance, rubbing and circling until she thought she’d go mad.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” Jared slid one finger into her ass, then another. They were slick with her arousal, and he felt so good Tessa tried to shove herself down farther. She wanted him inside her, too. Right now. She tried to focus, make her body do what she wanted, but her thoughts scattered. Her men were in her head, their scents washing over her body like rain. She shivered as the room faded, and suddenly she was in the forest, running with them. They stopped in a clearing, scenting the fresh air. The rain had finally stopped. She looked over her shoulder, and Parker and Jared came closer, their eyes bright, their scent sharp and determined. She blinked, and she was back in the bedroom, Parker still seated in her pussy while Jared’s delicious cock nudged at her rear entrance. Her eyes flew open when he pushed inside, the crown of his cock stretching her. She wanted to ask them if they were as confused as she suddenly felt, but the desire interfered with her ability to think. She tried to focus through the haze of arousal. Where had the vision of the forest come from? Why was she having visions at all in the middle of sex? She couldn’t hold on to her questions. Tessa moaned as Jared teased at her, shoving inside her ass in tiny bursts. It burned, but Parker shushed her, running his hands up and down her back, urging her to relax. He stared at her, his eyes brilliant while Jared worked his way inside, slowly. So slowly. The men groaned as they felt each other through the thin wall of her body.

“Tessa, sweetheart, you are so beautiful. You are everything,” Jared murmured as he gripped her around her waist, his cock throbbing. She could feel his heartbeat in her body. Then he moved his face over her shoulder, and he and Parker were kissing while Tessa trembled in their arms. When Jared pulled back, Parker smiled at her.

“Darling, I’ve loved you for years, even if you didn’t know it. Relax, we’ll take care of you.” Parker began to move, his thick cock sliding from her very slowly, then back inside. Tessa couldn’t do anything except moan as she felt every inch of him plunge into the softest part of her body. Jared gasped and began to move, too, in time with Parker—one man in, the other out. She sensed the forest welling up again—she closed her eyes and gave into it, feeling utterly at home. Utterly safe. The men held her firmly, gently. She scented the leaves dancing in the trees as her orgasm crept closer and closer.

“I’m close,” she whispered, clenching her fists around the sheets until Parker bent down to lick her neck. She grabbed his shoulders when he opened his mouth and put his teeth against her skin. The next thing she knew, Jared was snarling on the other side of her head, nuzzling down against the delicate spot beneath her ear. She shook, feeling the sharp points of his teeth, then shuddered as both men bit down simultaneously. The pain was exquisite. She thought she screamed as her orgasm crashed open, the men groaning in unison. It was like running in the middle of an earthquake—the trees, the ground shifted around her as she grabbed onto her men. They were solid. Strong. They kept her safe when the pleasure raked through the three of them again and again. When it was done, Tessa realized she had no idea how long their climax lasted, but she knew when it was done, her body drifting gently down upon Parker as Jared’s strong arms closed around them both. The bond sizzled inside her even as they fell into darkness together.