Lick Is A Four-Letter Word #3

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 Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Menage, Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance, MMF
Word Count: 42,200
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Josh and Troy aren’t looking for a girlfriend, but a lost bet sends them into a small room with a broken lock. When a beautiful blonde limps in from the connecting bathroom, they end up on their knees trying to make her feel better.

Felicity isn’t looking for love, but she keeps falling into Josh and Troy’s arms. The men can’t control their desire to take care of her. She can’t resist their humor.

Even so, Felicity isn’t sure she wants to date two guys at once, especially when she’s white and they’re not. Josh and Troy aren’t sure their attraction for her and each other is worth the risk.

Will a secret from Felicity’s past push them away before they come together? Will Josh and Troy be able to convince her they’re serious, and that their love is hers for the taking?


What are people saying about Lick Is A Four-Letter Word?

Julie’s Book Review – 5 stars!

“This was a really HOT book. Talk about a build up. The chemistry between the 3 is smoking and I could not put it down.”

The Tbr Pile – 5 stars!

“I also love how the author has balanced the relationship between the three, so they are all one equal third of the relationship (a personal favorite of mine), rather than two sharing a third.”



Night Owl Reviews – Top Pick!

“Fun and unexpected encounters are all over this story making it interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.”

JPB Reviews – 4 fairies!

“I loved the relationship between Troy and Josh, just the way they interacted with each other was hilarious and highly entertaining.”

Story Excerpt:

Josh grinned. He couldn’t help it. His heart gave a celebratory flip as he moved a little closer. “Cool,” he said.

She laughed. “Cool?”

He nodded. “Yes, very, very cool.” He touched a finger to her cup, then slid it out of her fingers. “Hold this, Troy, would you?” He deposited it in his friend’s hands before Troy could argue and turned back to Felicity. Her hair was done up haphazardly in a messy bun, with small strands escaping all over, and he thought she looked delicious. The pretty dress she was wearing emphasized her generous curves. He wanted to mess her up more. Instead, he gently cupped her cheek, tilting her face up to his. “You ready?” he asked.

She nodded, licking her lips. Her beautiful blue eyes were wary. As he dipped his head down, he wondered what she thought of him, kissing her like this, and then his lips touched hers and all rational thought fled. She made a small, soft sound that went right to Josh’s dick and he deepened the kiss, licking into her sweet, sweet mouth. She let him in, kissing him back hotly. Josh groaned, his cock suddenly hard and aching in his snug boxer briefs. He moved closer, pinning her against the wall. She gasped as his erection touched her hip.

“Still okay?” Josh murmured into her ear. He licked the soft hollow just beneath her earlobe and she nodded.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Her hands were on his arms, trembling. When she slid them up over his shoulders and drew his head back down to hers, his hips jerked, grinding into her. She moaned quietly and he kissed the sound away. Everything around him faded: the elevator, the harsh emergency lighting, the sticky heat. He kissed her until he had to come up for air.

“My turn,” Troy said, voice hoarse.

Josh jerked his head around. Oh yeah, he thought. We made a deal to share. He blinked, trying to force his sluggish brain into action. Troy’s hazel eyes had a look in them Josh had never seen before: heated and desperate. Josh could tell he wanted Felicity just as much as he did. He cleared his throat and looked back down at her pink face. “Troy wants a turn.” His cock throbbed against her heat, and he really didn’t want to move away, but he’d made a promise. He always kept his promises.

Felicity glanced at Troy. Josh watched as she licked her lips, thinking about it. When she nodded, he stepped back, letting Troy slot in front of him. Troy pressed the stupid cup into his chest and Josh barely caught it before Troy let go. The heat of his friend’s body had him shivering, despite the temperature of the elevator. He set the cup down in the corner and then leaned back against the wall next to Felicity. He wanted to watch them together. He wanted to watch Troy kiss her rather badly, actually.

Felicity shot him a quick glance as Troy lowered his head. Josh stared into her eyes until they fluttered shut, and then Troy was kissing her, devouring her mouth with the same single-minded ferocity he brought to everything he cared about. Josh licked his lips as he curled his hands into fists. He wanted to touch them. He wanted to slot up behind Troy and press his aching dick into his friend’s spectacular ass. He wanted to kiss them both at the same time. He watched as Troy slipped his fingers into Felicity’s hair and growled. Felicity melted into him, her whole demeanor welcoming.

God, she’s amazing, Josh thought, edging a little closer. He eyed his friend, enjoying the flex of muscles in Troy’s forearms. So is Troy. When his arm touched Felicity’s shoulder, he stopped moving closer and looked his fill. Troy’s full lips caressed her pink mouth, teasing and nipping. Josh pressed his other arm against his dick. It didn’t help at all.

Troy lifted his head.

Felicity had her eyes closed and her head back against the wall.


Josh stared at them, body buzzing with arousal.

“Josh.” Troy lifted his hand and touched Josh’s face.

Josh startled. “What?”

“Come on,” Troy said.

Josh frowned, not understanding. Felicity had her eyes open now and was looking at him. Her mouth was wet. Did she taste like Troy? Even more arousing was the thought that Troy might have tasted him, Josh, on her lips.

“Your turn again,” she whispered.

Josh blinked. He’d love to kiss her again, but Troy wasn’t moving out of the way. He looked at his friend. Troy looked back, hazel eyes dark with heat. Okay, then. If he’s not going to move. “Yeah,” Josh managed to say, angling his body towards them. He leaned in.

Felicity lifted her face up to his again. Josh’s hands shook as he moved it down her arm, grasping her hand. He gently pulled it up, placed it on his neck. “Yeah, like that,” he murmured when her fingers twisted in his hair. “I like that.”

She smiled at him and he kissed her again, moving in even closer so that his body touched Troy’s all along his left side. He was close enough to feel Troy shudder, but then Felicity bit his lower lip and he lost it. All thoughts of self-control went flying as he shoved against her and his best friend, cock hard and desperate, lips needing to taste her. He kissed like he was dying, like she was air, and then Troy cupped his hand around Josh’s neck, too, and kissed Felicity at the same time.

Their mouths dueled for a moment before settling into a three-way kiss that was hotter than any full-on sex Josh had ever had in his entire life. Troy tasted like Felicity, and like himself, and it was both familiar and completely strange at the same time. Josh’s heart stuttered in his chest when Felicity cupped his face the way he’d cupped hers, leaving Troy’s hand in his hair. When they came up for air, she bit her lip, looking from one to the other.

“What did we just do?” she asked.

Josh shook his head. “I don’t know.” He glanced at his friend. Troy was looking at Felicity, lips wet. “I want to do it again.”