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I have a whole bunch of MMF books! They were my first love, starting with my very first series: Dream Marked. Click on the covers for more info. 😀

Dream Marked Series (MMF paranormal)

What would you do if you started dreaming about the same two people every night—dreams that felt so real the emotions persisted even after you woke up? What if those dreams convinced you that those two people were real? What would you do if you discovered you weren’t going crazy? That you were truly bonding to your soul-mates? Would you give in and let it happen? Read the Dream-Marked series and find out. . .

            Marked Mates


Four-Letter Word Series (MMF contemporary)

Chance encounters never really go anywhere, do they? But what if you kept running into the same two people again and again? What if those encounters made you realize just how much you yearned for the kind of love you never thought you would ever experience? Would you take a chance and let it happen?



Blue’s Boys Series (MMF short stories)

Blue is a thief. Matt and Liam are cops. When they meet, all hell breaks loose!

thief1l    cops1l    beloved1l


Planet Alpha (MMF sci-fi)

The year is 2050. Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. The seven continents are shrinking as flooding devastates the land masses. Crime and disorder are rampant among the dwindling human population.

There are only two safe havens in the galaxy capable of supporting humanoid life. Xyran is a world of power-hungry demons and Planet Alpha is home to a fearless warrior race.

The males on Planet Alpha need mates. Infertility has plagued their race for decades. The answer lies on Earth where tempting females are waiting to be saved. When their enemies attempt to claim the spoils of a dying world, only the strongest will get their prize.

broken    damaged


Angel Shifters Series (paranormal – mixed genre MM, MF, MMF)

Have you ever wondered where angels come from? Would you believe that they’ve always been among us, a separate species with different gifts and different goals, but the same dedication to doing good in the world? And what happens when demons can insinuate themselves even into the strong of heart? Enter into the world of my Angel Shifters and find out more…

angels-honor     angels-power     angels-blade     angels-shield


Standalone MMF books

BitterBiteevernightulishing-jayaheer2015-finalimage    joyful-devastation    YTSS       

Bitter Bite: vampires and virgins!

Joyful Devastation: sci fi apocalypse!

You Taste So Sweet: zombie apocalypse!

Love, Desperately: best friends to lovers!

The First Time Is the Sweetest: best friends to lovers!

Where have I been? What am I doing?


18 mar 2020

Hello everyone! It has TRULY been a long long time since I updated you on my life and writing. Of course, like everyone else, I’ve been dealing with this new and terrifying reality that includes Coronavirus (COVID-19) and trying to keep myself and my family safe and healthy. I wish the world weren’t so scary right now, but here we are. So far, we are fine. Fingers crossed.

As for the past year: I have been tackling a bunch of very annoying health issues and I’ve come out the other side (sort of). Here is a quick rundown: basically, my lungs went crazy last year and I couldn’t breathe right. Doctors have finally determined that it is allergies, and those allergies are now always switched on somehow, even without the presence of allergens. This problem leads to many sinus infections, and that leads to antibiotics, and that leads to stomach issues, etc. and I can assure you we are all very much sick of my snot troubles here, LOL.

I also had hip problems (torn tendon, inflamed tendons, fluid buildup), and I’m hoping that those resolve now that I’ve had many exciting treatments for that. It’s a waiting game right now to see if it works.

Anyway, this is all just to say: whoops! I had a bit of trouble writing with the insane sinus headaches I’ve been getting. It makes it a wee bit difficult to concentrate. But there is GOOD news! Magic Never Lies is coming soon! I have a cover, and I’m just waiting on a release date.

I am still planning on reworking two stories and getting them out to you via self-publishing this summer. I have a lot of work ahead as I learn how to do this, so please bear with me. I’m excited about them!

Please stay as safe as you can in these terribly uncertain times. We are in this together. Sending my love to all my readers!

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Kory Steed’s latest is out!

Through Roscoe’s Eyes is a tear-jerker with a very happy ending. If you love your pets, you’ll love this novel, because I think the animals stole the show in it. 🙂

It’s on sale at Evernight right now!

When Reggie sets out to continue his mother’s mission to feed the homeless, he never anticipated how much a chance encounter with an injured man, his small, gaunt dog, Roscoe, and sick, young cat, Cinders, would change the course of his life. With a winter storm approaching, Reggie makes a snap decision and brings the wary trio to his estate home to be cared for and nursed back to health.

Reggie learns the man’s name is Calvin, he was a quartermaster in the army, and he was dishonorably discharged prior to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Taking pity on the man and in need of someone to help him run his mother’s foundation, Reggie offers Calvin a job. With few prospects in sight to find shelter for his small family during the peak of winter, Calvin reluctantly accepts Reggie’s offer on a trial basis, but that it is only one of many trials both men will face.

Eventually, yearnings Reggie and Calvin had buried deep inside begin to fan the nearly extinguished embers of passion in both men. With Calvin drawing emotional support from Roscoe and Cinders, and Reggie discovering an ally in his beloved housekeeper, both men explore their newfound attraction, edging them toward the precipice of an ecstasy neither could have imagined.

Will the discovery of a past connection between the two men’s families be enough to bring them together? Or will sinister, outside forces and an unexpected loss of life shatter the bonds between both families and both men for good?

What have I been doing?



8 mar 2019

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time, but never fear, I’m not dead … yet. LOL. Seriously, though, I had to take some time off writing to work on my health. I had a series of illnesses that made it impossible to keep going without some rest. Nothing serious; just persistent annoyances: sinus infections, viruses, hormonal wacky stuff, insomnia, etc. I’m feeling much, much, MUCH better now, and I have a renewed energy for writing, and many things planned for 2019.

First up, I’m just finishing up HIS BEAST RETURNS, a brand new standalone novel. Here’s the blurb:

Once upon a time, Tristan fell for a boy, but dreams are meant for others, not for the son of Edmond Marik, ruthless owner of Monolith Enterprises. Tristan’s father forced Russell Kelvin into hiding, and Tristan spent more than a decade pretending he’d never sworn a blood oath at age eighteen. Now, Tristan’s life is in ruins, and the only one who can help him is Russell.

Russell always knew he’d return to Tristan, but he thought he’d finally be able to claim his mate. He thought they’d be free. Instead, his ability to call his beast is the only thing that can keep  Tristan alive. And love? Happiness? Nothing but a dream.

Fear keeps Tristan from fully trusting Russell’s intentions. Instinct keeps Russell by Tristan’s side, even in the face of doubt. But oaths made in blood never fade, and the drive of the beast is stronger than either of them realize.

After I’m done with this novel, I’m planning to rework an old short story into something longer and rerelease it. A LITTLE BENDY was an itty bitty story that appeared in the Lover Unexpected anthology in 2012. It featured Josh and Ben’s romance (friends to lovers). I’m looking forward to working on this and getting it out there again.

What the heck am I writing now?


02 oct 2018

SEER, the sequel to SOULMATE, is done and will be releasing in November!

THE FLIGHT, the next book in my Close Proximity series,  is done, and I’ve submitted it to my publisher. Wish me luck!

What’s next? Uh…. not sure. My muse keeps nagging me about this standalone story idea involving shifters and unlikely mates, but there’s also the sequel to QUEEN WOLF and a possible sequel to GUNPOINT. I don’t even know what the heck is going on with my muse anymore, LOL. Maybe my new idea can morph into the Gunpoint sequel, because I really liked the Sky Hunters world, and I want to go back there and wallow in that universe.

After the Great War, the last of the falcon shifters scattered to survive.

With the falcon shifters almost extinct, who is left to protect the weak? What darkness haunts the ones who do what it takes to survive?


Gay Romance, Shifters, Suspense, Erotic Romance
Word Count: 39,000
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

buy links: Evernight – Amazon – BookStrand – Smashwords – iBooks – Kobo – Barnes & Noble

Soul-bruised and bitter, Charlie left the military for peaceful solitude. When he’s mugged at gunpoint, his isolation is shattered, because the guy with the weapon is his mate, and Charlie’s falcon insists on truth: the other half of his soul is a desperate man who doesn’t know he’s a shifter.

Warren has no money for rent, his sister’s ex beat her bloody, and he’s working double shifts to survive. He thought his life couldn’t get any worse, but then he mugs an ex-soldier who somehow turns the tables and offers him something impossible: hope.

Of course, nothing is that simple, and Charlie’s resistance to their bond sabotages their relationship before it really begins. Warren can handle hardship, but now his enemies are bigger than the bully next door, and he’s broken the darkest taboo of the Sky Hunter falcons. Only Charlie can save him, but can a damaged ex-soldier save himself, too?

Story Excerpt:

“I told you not to move. Are you paying attention?”

Wait… Warren frowned. He recognized that voice. “I know you.”

“You have a good memory, Warren.” The cold point slid across his neck and settled on the curve of his shoulder. “Do you remember who I am yet?”

Warren swallowed, but the lump of nerves in his throat didn’t budge. “Charlie.” God help him. He inhaled, wondering what the fuck was wrong with him that he had a hard-on in this situation. I’m finally cracking from all the stress.

“Very good.” The metal weight lifted as Charlie stepped in front of Warren.

Warren stared at the black gun nestled comfortably in Charlie’s hand. Fuck. That looks real.

“Yeah, unlike your toy, this is a real weapon.” Charlie eased the safety down and pointed it at Warren’s thigh. “You’ll feel a hell of a lot more than a splat of water if someone shoots you with it.”

Warren shuddered. He was turned on and more than a little bit nervous. “You wouldn’t really shoot me, would you?” He forced himself to look Charlie in the eyes. “I’m sorry I was such an idiot the other night. I was desperate, but that doesn’t excuse what I tried to do.” From the expression on Charlie’s face, Warren wasn’t sure his apology did much good. Charlie’s cold blue eyes stared back at him with no hint of the man’s thoughts. “I would never do anything like that again.”

“Sorry.” Charlie finally snorted. “Sorry doesn’t even begin to cover what I want from you.” He pursed his lips. The muzzle of his gun stayed fixed on Warren’s thigh.

Warren didn’t know a damn thing about guns, but he knew it would hurt if that thing shot him. Even so, he couldn’t keep his gaze from drifting down Charlie’s body. The man wore tight jeans, black boots, and a t-shirt that hugged every muscle in his torso. Warren wanted to put his hands on that chest, gun be damned. He wanted more than the desperate existence he seemed to be mired in, and had been ever since his parents died. He wanted Charlie. He waited a moment to see if the thought of being attracted to another guy bothered him, but all he felt was a sense of urgency. He needed to adjust his erection, but he had a feeling Charlie wouldn’t take it all that well if he reached down. He gritted his teeth and didn’t move. “What do you want from me?” His voice came out rough.

“On your knees.” Charlie gestured with the gun’s point.

Jesus. Warren slid to the ground and looked up. Charlie’s face had gone taut. “Please don’t shoot me.” Warren’s hands clenched into fists when Charlie tightened his finger on the trigger. After what they’d done together in the woods last night, Warren would’ve never expected this. Never. Charlie just hadn’t seemed the type. But you never know when someone might snap.

“You think I’m going to shoot you?” Charlie raised an eyebrow.

“I have no idea what you’re going to do,” Warren replied shakily. He wasn’t sure if he was more frightened or aroused. His erection pressed uncomfortably against the zipper of his jeans.

“Undo my pants,” Charlie said.

Warren froze. “What?” Was he serious? He looked at Charlie’s groin. His cock was long and thick and obviously hard behind the denim. He’d been trying not to stare, but that was pretty difficult from this position. He swallowed nervously.

“You heard me. Don’t fuck around, Warren. I am totally out of patience.” Charlie put the gun to Warren’s forehead. He didn’t look like he was in the mood for more talking. He looked like a man on the edge of losing his temper.

Warren’s heart pounded. Was it rape if what he was being forced to do was something he actually wanted? “I don’t—” He broke off sweating. His hands trembled as he raised them. Don’t be a pussy, he told himself. His own erection swelled even more, and the position he was in didn’t make his arousal particularly comfortable.

“Wait.” Charlie let out a soft breath when Warren’s fingers reached his zipper. “Stop.”

Confused, Warren slid a finger inside Charlie’s waistband. The gun still pressed into his forehead. “I don’t know what you want from me,” he whispered, not sure if he was disappointed or angry.

Charlie lifted the gun away and pointed it at the ground. His finger tightened on the trigger, and the weapon clicked. “It’s empty.” His eyes were completely dark now. Dark and feral. “I would never hurt you.”

Warren had never seen anything so beautiful as those eyes, but that didn’t change what had just happened. He frowned as the first trickle of rage slid down his spine. “You fucking threatened me with an empty gun?” He clenched the waistband of Charlie’s pants with his fingers. “That’s so frigging messed up.” He told himself to get the fuck up, but his body wasn’t listening. I should punch him, he thought, but Charlie hadn’t moved, either. Warren slid his fingers deeper into Charlie’s pants. When the tips of his fingers touched Charlie’s cock, he sighed. “Fuck.”

Charlie trembled. “Yeah, that about sums it up.”

Warren undid the button, then drew the zipper down. “I want to blow you. You’re an asshole, but I still want this.” He licked his lips, ignoring Charlie as the older man dismantled the weapon and put the pieces on the table. Warren hardly cared. He felt like he stood on the edge of a precipice, prepared to jump. All his worries about his sister and her bastard ex, the rent, and his job faded to nothing. Some wild instinct stuck inside his bones told him to take the leap, and for once in his life, Warren was going to fly. Instinct was never a good way to make decisions—the disaster with the mugging had taught him that—but he didn’t give a shit right now. He wanted Charlie.

“It’s only fair that you return the favor,” Charlie said, startling him. “I went on my knees for you last night.”

Warren looked up. Charlie’s teeth were clenched.

“Suck it.”



Rainbow Book Reviews — 5 stars!

“This was fascinating, intriguing, and absolutely phenomenal.”

Open Skye Book Reviews — 4.5 stars!

“If you’re looking for a unique shifter story with dark heroes this is it! … Highly recommended for fans of the author, unique shifter series, darker MCs and satisfying heas.”

Redz World Reviews — 5 stars!

“I like this story of learning to trust yourself, and how love can bring that process to a head.”


SEER is coming soon!

After a long summer, and an even longer time writing, the sequel to Soulmate is coming this autumn! SEER really tried my patience because the characters kept arguing with me. I even took a break from writing this novel, hoping that some perspective would help. NOPE. In the end, I WON, because I am the boss and my guys are not. I am really proud of what I accomplished with this one, even if Nick and Jeff tormented me with angst and drama. 😀

Releasing this fall!

No one knows that Nick Auspex is a Seer, but his power is very real—that’s why he knows he’ll always be alone. Since childhood, he’s seen visions of his soulmate caught in the midst of a terrible fire. So when he’s assigned to protect Jeff Wright, he knows their mutual attraction is destined to go nowhere.

When Jeff opens the door to find the Craft Council’s security expert on his doorstep, his first instinct is to send Nick away. Jeff is human, but Nick is a powerful Crafter, and everyone knows relationships like that never work. Jeff needs to figure out who murdered his parents, not screw around with some random guy when he’s never even dated another man before.

Of course, neither of them can control fate—and when two soulmates meet, destiny trumps fear. Will fire destroy lives or illuminate the truth hiding in the darkness?