His Beast Returns – Cover Reveal!

Releasing Friday!

Gay, Shifters, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Suspense
Word Count: 41,00


Tristan Marik fell in love when he was too young to understand that he wasn’t allowed happiness, particularly not with another boy. As the son of Edmond Marik, ruthless owner of Monolith Enterprises, he had an image to maintain. After his father threatened his boyfriend’s life, Tristan spent years pretending he’d never sworn a blood oath. But now, everything has changed.

Russell Kelvin dreamed of the day he’d return to Tristan because he thought it would happen on his terms. He thought they’d be free to love. Instead, his ability to call his beast is the only thing that can keep Tristan alive when enemies want him dead.

Fear keeps Tristan from fully trusting Russell’s intentions. Instinct keeps Russell by Tristan’s side, even in the face of doubt. But oaths made in blood never fade, and the drive of the beast is stronger than either of them realize.

Story Excerpt:

The heat that flashed through them with Russell’s touch almost brought Tristan to his knees, but he grabbed onto the granite counter behind him and held on with all he had. “Russell, you don’t understand—”

Whatever he was going to say disappeared from his head the moment Russell’s lips touched his. Tristan gasped, shocked and aroused and completely unbalanced, but Russell didn’t seem to be nearly as confused as Tristan felt. He tilted his head and assaulted Tristan’s mouth as if both their lives depended on this one, vital moment, and this one, vital connection.

And maybe it does, Tristan thought as he scrabbled at Russell’s shoulders. His friend was hot as hell, and strong, and the most stable thing in his life, both now andin the past. He moaned, or maybe Russell did, he couldn’t tell. All he knew was that Russell was finally here, and he was fucking real in a way that nothing and no one had ever felt before. He opened his mouth, and Russell’s tongue slid inside as if he owned the place. Tristan tried to kiss him back, but Russell growled and bit his lip. Tristan choked as his ridiculously hard cock pressed into Russell’s hipbone. “God,” he tore his mouth away, gasping for breath. “What are we doing? This is crazy.”

“If you think for one moment I’m going to let you shut me out like you do everyone else, Tristan, you’re sadly mistaken,” Russell murmured, hips doing a slow, devastating grind into Tristan’s body.

Tristan could feel Russell’s erection, thick and hot, and for a moment he wished his friend hadn’t bothered with clothes, but then he remembered that his mother was dead. And it was his fault. “Wait,” he said, when Russell lowered his head again.

“No. No more waiting. We’ve waited a damned lifetime already.”

Tristan twisted his face away. “My mother just died, Russell. What the fuck are we doing, here?” He slid his fingers into Russell’s hair and tugged, hard. The energy flowing between them didn’t let up, and it felt like a tornado just about to sweep them away, or possibly a tsunami poised to smash them flat. He could barely breathe. He wanted Russell with a desperation he hadn’t realized he had.

Meanwhile, Russell’s eyes had shifted from dark brown to golden amber. He stared at Tristan unblinkingly, and with intent. Suddenly, Tristan realized that his friend wasn’t entirely human. Tristan inhaled, more aroused than ever, and then he tried to shutter his mind. He’d somehow cast his power wide open, and everything he felt rushed through him and into Russell in a wild, volatile exchange of energy. He grabbed the doors of his mind, and he tugged hard, trying to close up tight again, but Russell growled. His mental presence chased away Tristan’s resolve.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Russell said, thrusting a leg between Tristan’s. “Don’t you shut me out now.” This brought their cocks into contact, and Tristan shuddered. Even trapped behind his jeans, Russell’s erection felt like perfection shoving against his. He’d never felt so perfectly turned on. He gave up trying to shut away the energy and let Russell kiss him again.

“Yeah. That’s better. Give it to me,” Russell muttered, biting at Tristan’s lip, and then down his jaw. “Fuck, this is insane. You drive me crazy, do you realize that?” Russell demanded as he slid his hands inside Tristan’s robe. When his fingers touched Tristan’s skin, they both shivered. “And yes, I know your mother died, but would she want you to keep putting your life on hold? Especially now?” He dragged his lips along Tristan’s neck. “How much longer do we have to wait, Tristan?”

Tristan stared at him. Somehow, Russell had hit the nail squarely on the head. His mother had never wanted him to lock himself into the box his father had created for him even before she’d died, and she wouldn’t want him to do it to himself, especially not now, when no one could hurt her any longer.

“No, she wouldn’t,” Tristan told Russell, hips grinding against his friend’s. His power was wide open and surging wildly, and his ability to think had all but disappeared. “But you’ve only just come home.”

“So what?” Russell asked him. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop.” He punctuated his statement with a devastating roll of his torso. “Not now. Not ever again.” He put his head close to Tristan’s. “I want to strip you naked and bite you and fuck you senseless, Tristan. I’ve been waiting my whole life to touch you.”

Jesus God. Tristan gripped Russell’s ass and squeezed, hard. If they kept this up, he’d come without anyone even touching his cock. Crazed with need, he fumbled Russell’s pants open, cupping his erection when it pushed out over the zipper. He could barely believe he was here, touching Russell like this. Except for the one kiss he and Russell had shared all those years ago, he hadn’t ever been intimate with a man. It felt … good. Too good. “So hot,” he whispered, fingers surrounding Russell’s cock as if he could memorize the skin.

“I’ll show you hot. Stroke me harder,” Russell said, hips moving faster. “Tighter. I don’t mind a little pain.” With a sudden move, he grabbed Tristan’s robe and yanked it off.

Tristan’s skin burned, and so did his mind. Energy rocketed through them as if they stood in the center of an electrical storm. Russell’s eyes had bled to amber, and Tristan could see the echo of his beast inside.

“Touch me back, Russell.” Tristan gripped Russell’s erection firmly enough to bruise, wanting it in his mouth. Wanting it in his body. “Please. Just … touch me.” He’d never wanted anything so acutely, not even through all those long years of hiding himself in plain sight. He wanted Russell, not just because of the sex, but because his old friend was the only living being who saw him for who he truly was.


Cover Reveal and Excerpt for The Flight!

Releasing November 20!

Gay Romance, Erotic Romance, May/Dec, Contemporary
Word Count: 17,700
Heat Level: 3

Flirting at thirty thousand feet with a charming rock star is a terrible idea, especially since Sebastian can’t afford to lose his job as a flight attendant. Ethan Clementine may be hot and oh-so-talented, but Sebastian has no desire to join the mile high club, or so he tells himself. The truth is that he misses playing music, and he would love to fall in love with the right guy, but everyone knows Ethan is into women.

Ethan is tired of traveling, tired of fame, and he’s especially tired of pretending he’s straight. He’s been in the closet for so long, it seems pointless to come out as bi, especially with his career in the balance. So what does he do when he meets sexy flight attendant Sebastian? He sings the man into the sack, because one hookup doesn’t mean he’s going to fall in love, right?

Story Excerpt:

The moment Ethan’s fingers touched his shoulder, Sebastian wrapped his fingers around the musician’s wrist and drew him closer. He had no idea if the man was into guys, but he didn’t particularly care at this point. He’d given the rock star an out, and Ethan hadn’t pulled away. “I know we’ve just met—” he murmured, but Ethan slid his hand up and put a finger on his lips. Sebastian shuddered. He’d been in a constantly shifting state of embarrassment, nervousness, and arousal from the moment Ethan had stepped onto the plane, and this sure as hell wasn’t helping restore his equanimity.

“I told myself I wasn’t going to do this anymore,” Ethan said cryptically, and then he leaned in.

“Do what?” Sebastian tried to ask, but Ethan’s mouth met his and all hell broke loose in his body. He groaned, arms going for Ethan’s hair, but the musician knocked his hands away and climbed up onto his lap. Sebastian froze, then swallowed hard when his cock pressed up into the juncture of Ethan’s legs.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” Ethan muttered, and then he kissed Sebastian again.

Sebastian gripped Ethan’s ass through the soft jeans, mind whirling. Ethan tasted like insanity and heat, and he couldn’t get enough. When Ethan finally lifted his head, Sebastian gasped, barely able to catch his breath. His cock was so fucking hard he was afraid he would go off in his pants. His lips stung. “You’re into guys?” he asked, and then he bit his lower lip in frustration. What a stupid question. The man was on his lap, for God’s sake. Ethan Duke Clementine just kissed me, he thought inanely, and then he wondered if he was dreaming, but the weight of the man on his legs felt all too real.

Ethan laughed. “Yeah. I’m into guys. I’m bi, not that I advertise it. I don’t need the hassle.” He rolled his hips, pushing his erection into Sebastian’s abdomen. “I’m assuming you’re into guys, too, or you would’ve dumped me on my ass, right?”

“Uh,” Sebastian said, not really able to think clearly. Dump the hottest man I’ve ever seen onto the floor? Yeah, no. Ethan rolled his hips again. “Oh my God,” Sebastian said, gritting his teeth. He would not come in his pants like a damned teenager. “Fuck.” He banged his head against the soft cushions of the seat even as his hands kneaded Ethan’s ass. He wanted to suck Ethan off. He wanted to fuck him. He wanted all sorts of things he hadn’t thought about wanting in far too long.

“Relax, Sebastian,” Ethan said, cupping his face. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Sebastian laughed, then moaned when Ethan leaned in closer. “I feel like I’m dreaming,” Sebastian said.

“Don’t think so hard,” Ethan replied, kissing him again and again, until Sebastian stopped trying to figure out why Duke Clementine chose him, of all people, to do this with. There had been literally no hint of Ethan being bisexual anywhere in the media, so for him to do this now, and with Sebastian,shocked the hell out of him.

“You know I won’t tell anyone,” Sebastian gasped out.

Ethan stilled. “I know,” he said, and then he started to unbutton his shirt.

Sebastian stared as the man’s lean torso slowly came into view. Ethan had a collection of tattoos scattered across his body, and though nothing Sebastian saw was new to him—the musician had done a number of interviews with photos of his body spread in glossy high definition across numerous platforms—there was something entirely shocking about being able to touch instead of just look. “Seeing you in a magazine is nothing like being here in real life,” he murmured, reaching up to trace a finger across warm skin.

“This is real life, Sebastian,” Ethan said, voice warm and husky. He sucked in a breath when Sebastian’s fingers trailed down the middle of his chest to the waistband of his jeans and back up again.

“I want to suck you off,” Sebastian said, trying to make himself move, but his fingers were too busy learning every last inch of ink on Ethan’s skin.

“What a good idea,” Ethan said, standing up, but instead of undoing his jeans, he went to his knees.

“What are you doing?” Sebastian asked, sitting up. He tried to drag Ethan back to his feet, but the rock star put his hands on Sebastian’s pants and undid the zipper. He slid his fingers inside. Sebastian gasped when those fingers brushed against his cock.

“This is the ugliest uniform I’ve ever seen,” Ethan said, fingers drawing down Sebastian’s underwear. He licked his lips as Sebastian’s erection sprang out.

Sebastian’s hips bucked. “Oh, God.” Ethan’s electric blue eyes stared up at him. “You’re killing me, Ethan.”

“No, I can’t do this while you’re wearing that hideous sweater,” Ethan said unexpectedly, reaching for Sebastian’s top. He tugged on it. “Take it off.”

Sebastian nearly tore it in his hurry to get it off his body. “This is crazy.”

Ethan undid the buttons of Sebastian’s shirt, and then he reached down and gripped his cock in a firm, warm hand. “Yeah, it’s crazy, but I’m not sure I care.” He leaned in and sucked Sebastian’s erection into his mouth.

Sebastian jammed the heel of his hand against his mouth, hips jerking. He didn’t want to thrust. He didn’t want to do anything that would hurt Ethan. Shit, maybe this isn’t a good idea. What if I push into his throat? He needs to be able to sing. He said he’s paranoid about his vocal cords. He reached down and pulled Ethan up.

“What?” Ethan licked down the side of Sebastian’s erection.

“I don’t want to hurt you. You need to sing tomorrow,” Sebastian said, barely able to put the words together.

Ethan laughed. “You’re worried about my voice?”

Sebastian flushed.

“Giving head is not going to wreck my vocal cords,” Ethan said, sounding amused. “But there are other things we can do, if you prefer.” He stood up.

Sebastian stared as Ethan stripped off the rest of his clothes. He looked strong and sure of himself, and Sebastian’s mind flashed on one of the interviews he remembered reading. They’d been talking to some of the fans at one of Ethan’s concerts, and a girl they’d interviewed had said that Duke Clementine was pure sex when he was on stage. If Ethan is pure sex on stage, off stage he’s lethal, Sebastian thought, digging his fingers into the cushions. He couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. “You realize this is insane.”

Ethan leaned over and carefully moved his guitar to the seat behind him, brushing his fingers over the strings as he let go. The sound of a chord lingered in the air, quietly tantalizing. “Maybe it is,” he murmured, and then he straightened up. His blue eyes had darkened with arousal. Sebastian couldn’t look away. Ethan’s cock was thick and hard, and Sebastian wanted it inside him in the worst way. He swallowed thickly as Ethan went to his knees. His hands went to Sebastian’s pants and wrestled them off. “Take off your shirt,” he said.

Sebastian obeyed, half crazed with lust. “I’m going to get fired for this.”

Ethan shook his head. “No one will know.” He climbed back onto the sofa, legs going on either side of Sebastian’s hips. “No one ever has to know.”


Cover Reveal for SEER!

Without further ado, here is the brilliant cover for Seer! Thank you Jay Aheer for your artistry!

Gay Romance, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Suspense
Word Count: 54,500
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Releasing October 24!

No one knows that Nick Auspex is a Seer, but his power is very real—that’s why he knows he’ll always be alone. Since childhood, he’s seen visions of his soulmate caught in the midst of a terrible fire. So when he’s assigned to protect Jeff Wright, he knows their mutual attraction is destined to go nowhere.

When Jeff opens the door to find the Craft Council’s security expert on his doorstep, his first instinct is to send Nick away. Jeff is human, but Nick is a powerful Crafter, and everyone knows relationships like that never work. Jeff needs to figure out who murdered his parents, not screw around with some random guy when he’s never even dated another man before.

Of course, neither of them can control fate—and when two soulmates meet, destiny trumps fear. Will fire destroy lives or illuminate the truth hiding in the darkness?

Story Excerpt:

Jeff waited for Nick to make the first move. The man felt large and hot and completely fucking overwhelming, but there was no way Jeff was about to let go. Not now. Not after the gunshot, and the fire, and the last two weeks of grief, and the last two years of denying himself everything he wanted. He’d thought he was a chemist, and he’d been wrong. He’d thought he could believe the cops, and move on after his parents died, and he hadn’t been able to open his eyes without feeling total denial of what everyone told him must have happened. His parents hadn’t killed themselves. And I thought I was straight, but that was before Nick broke down every door I tried to keep closed,he mused, feeling as though he was finally seeing things with complete and utter clarity.

“I’m alive, and I’m fucking sure,” he said, goading Nick. He needed Nick to kiss him again. He needed Nick to push him into the wall. He needed things he didn’t have words for. I want my life to be worth something more than to be the failed experiment my parents couldn’t deal with.

“Dammit,” Nick growled, and then he kissed Jeff again, but this time he wasn’t gentle. He wasn’t soft. He didn’t ease his way into it, as if Jeff were a blushing virgin. He dove in, forcing Jeff to open up or else. “Give it to me,” he muttered, biting along Jeff’s lips. “Come on. Open your mouth.”

Jeff gasped, hands moving to Nick’s hair. He liked the stubble scraping at his skin. He liked the controlled violence of Nick’s hands on his face. “Come on. Do it. I’m not going to break. I’m not fragile.” If there was one thing he knew, one thing he’d alwaysknown, it was that he was a survivor.

“No, you’re not,” Nick said, pushing into him. His erection slotted up against Jeff’s hip, hot and heavy. Jeff sucked in a shocked gasp as he felt another man’s cock against his body for the first time, but then Nick bit his jaw, stealing even the ability to string two thoughts together. The door behind them creaked with their weight. Nick opened it and dragged Jeff through, and he didn’t even try to resist. He wanted it. He wanted Nick, God help him. The bodyguard pulled him down the hall and into the first bedroom.

“Oh my God,” Jeff said, fighting to breathe as Nick kissed him again. He pulled away, ignoring Nick’s frustrated expression, and then he took off his shirt with shaking hands, vaguely surprised at how hard his cock was. He’d never been this revved up before. His ex hadn’t ever gotten him this randy, and she’d been hot as hell. She was beautiful, but she also lied all the time,he thought, hesitating a moment. What the hell am I doing here?

He stared at Nick. Nick’s hazel eyes had darkened, and Jeff felt a hint of fear. He was about to take a step he didn’t think he could ever come back from, but his cock was hard enough to hurt. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t remember what the hell he was supposed to be worried about. He palmed himself through his jeans. Maybe if they did it quick, it would be okay. “I’m too close to the edge for anything complicated,” he said, voice rough. His mind shied away from what complicatedmight mean.

“I’m not going to let you go off before I can have my fill,” Nick said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “Deep breaths, Jeff. I won’t let you fall.” He peeled off his shirt.

Jeff stared as muscles on top of muscles peeked out. He wanted to press his hands onto Nick’s chest and just feel. “God. What are you doing to me?” He’d never felt quite like this before. Was it the danger from the lab? The gunshots? Being attacked, not once, but twice?

“You’ve never done this before,” Nick said, stalking closer. He undid his pants, but didn’t take them off. He’d lost his shoes already, and Jeff had no idea when or how. “So you’d best prepare yourself.”

“I’ve had sex,” Jeff said defensively, puzzled by Nick’s statement. He frowned when the older man went to his knees. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Nick said, staring up at him.

Jeff’s mouth went dry. “Oh, hell.” He grabbed himself, needing the pressure to keep from spontaneously combusting. He didn’t know what he’d expected, but Nick on his knees in front of him wasn’t it. “I’ve had sex,” he repeated, like a mantra. This wasn’t going to be that different from what he’d experienced with his ex, right?

“You may have had sex,” Nick said, hazel eyes dark with lust. “But you’ve never had sex with me.”

Cover Reveal and Teaser for The Elevator!

Releasing July 5, 2018!

Gay Romance, Erotic Romance, Interracial, May/Dec, Contemporary
Word Count: 13,600
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Scroll down for excerpt.

Adrian Hughes is a geek who sucks at social interaction because awkward is his middle name. Even though he’s gay, he’s the opposite of flamboyant (when they were handing out fabulous, he was hiding in another room). Even so, he’s always wanted a boyfriend—who doesn’t want to find love?—but so far, the closest he’s gotten to it is crushing on the hot older guy he only sees on the elevator. So what happens when he’s trapped inside it with Mr. Zillionaire Hottie during a heat wave brownout? He stutters like an idiot, because Mr. Greyson Lee is unexpectedly cool, calm, and collected … right up until he’s not.

When kissing leads to sex, Adrian can’t say no. But is it just a hookup? Or is it the start of something more?


Story Excerpt:

Adrian lost the ability to breathe the moment Greyson’s tongue slipped into his mouth. The hint of bourbon on the edge of the coffee he smelled earlier was without a doubt the sexiest taste he’d ever experienced in a kiss. He wrapped his left hand around Greyson’s head, sinking into the soft strands of his hair, and wrapped the other one around the man’s bicep. “Fuck,” he moaned, when Greyson slid his mouth to the corner of his lips and sighed.

“Not in the elevator,” Greyson said, and Adrian choked on a laugh.

“No, I’m not into public exhibition,” he said, wondering wildly if there were security cameras in here. He glanced up at the ceiling but didn’t see any tech that might indicate a hidden lens.

“No cameras are working right now,” Greyson said, kissing him again.

Aw, fuck it,Adrian thought as Greyson’s strong, warm body pressed him into the brass railing. It hurt a bit, but he didn’t give two shits. “Jesus, Greyson.” He bit the older man’s plump lower lip, then sucked away the sting. “You’re killing me.”

“Ha,” was all Greyson said, but then his hands were unbuttoning Adrian’s shirt. “Nice,” he said, when the lapels gaped open. He put a hand on Adrian’s chest. “You work out.”

Adrian couldn’t remember if he worked out or not. He could barely remember his own damn name. “God, don’t tease me.” He wrapped a leg around Greyson’s calf and brought their groins together. When their erections touched, he groaned. He needed to get off so badly his hips jerked without his conscious control.

“Fuck,” Greyson muttered, hands dropping to Adrian’s ass. He ground them together, pushing Adrian into the railing even more. “I haven’t been this worked up in years.”

“This is crazy,” Adrian agreed, hips rolling into Greyson’s. He kissed the older man again, then shoved him away. “Stop.”

Greyson froze. “Stop?”

Adrian already had his hands at the older man’s pants. “Unbutton, you stupid fucking— Ah.” He breathed easier when the inside button popped off, and didn’t feel even a hint of regret as it pinged off the wall and rolled into a corner. He was too busy unzipping the placket and reaching his hands into Greyson’s boxers. “Jesus, you’re big.”

“Christ. Yeah, just like that,” Greyson said, voice dropping even lower.

Adrian wrapped his fingers around Greyson’s cock and stroked. “How are you so perfect?”

Greyson made a sound halfway between a laugh and a moan. “I’m not even close to perfect.”

Adrian let go and unbuttoned the rest of Greyson’s shirt, pausing to take in the amazing tattoo inked all over his chest. “Wow.” He slid his palms all over the smooth skin. “That’s fucking gorgeous. A dragon?”

Greyson shrugged. “My father was fond of dragons. Said they were good luck.”

Adrian nodded. “I want to lick you all over.”

Greyson laughed. “By all means.” He leaned back, arms open. He should’ve looked ridiculous, standing there half dressed with his cock pointing out, but he didn’t. He looked like a warrior emerging from modern clothes: fierce and hot and quietly menacing.

“Don’t poke the dragon,” Adrian murmured as he went to his knees. He pressed a fist to his erection, hoping like hell he wouldn’t go off like some teenager out for his first ride.

“I’m no dragon,” Greyson said.

“Yes, you are,” Adrian replied, leaning in and inhaling the musky scent of him. God, he smells good.He rubbed his cheek against Greyson’s cock, and then took it in his hand. “I’m going to suck you until you forget your name.” Greyson exhaled, and Adrian licked his cockhead. “Fuck, you taste good,” he said against the soft skin, and then he closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Hands sank into his hair as he slid down, scrubbing his tongue along the shaft. When it hit the back of his throat, he swallowed, then relaxed. He could do this. So what if he was seriously out of practice? He wantedto deep throat this man. He wanted Greyson to lose his mind, and he wanted to be the reason.

“Oh my God,” Greyson croaked, sounding strangled.

Adrian swallowed again around the cock in his throat, then slid off, slowly. “I’m not a god,” he said, smirking up at the older man.

Greyson blinked, then smiled. “No, but you have the mouth of an angel.”

Queen Wolf Cover Reveal!

QUEEN WOLF – Releasing May 22!

Rubenesque, Menage, Shifters, May/Dec, Erotic Romance
Word Count: 51,600
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing


Avery is resigned to solitude. She can’t shift, she’s overweight, and her ex cheated on her, but when Alpha Fletcher and his best friend, Mitch, return to Boulder Pack after years of traveling, she’s shocked at how much she wants them.

Fletcher doesn’t expect to meet his mate within moments of coming home, but he and Mitch are nothing if not adaptable. Avery makes their beasts howl with need, but can she accept two wolves instead of one? Triad mates haven’t been allowed in ages.

Mitch is happy to bond with Avery and Fletcher—he has room in his heart for two mates. What he isn’t happy with is Avery’s father threatening her, and making her doubt her worth. Avery is a Queen, but she has no idea what that means. Will instinct be enough to push them together, or will Mitch and Fletcher need more drastic measures to convince Avery that she’s their destiny?


Story Excerpt:

Mitch stopped just behind Fletcher. He stared for a moment at the woman backlit by the window. He could tell she was curvy. He could tell she had serious muscles under the curves. And he could tell she had grey eyes, because they were practically glowing as she looked at him and Fletcher, but he could not, for the life of him, figure out what the hell his wolf thought he was doing. The beast howled like the full moon was about to fall in on them, and his fucking heart felt that way, too. When he realized that Fletcher wasn’t able to move, he reached back and shut the door. He didn’t give a shit if this was the Alpha’s suite. Right now, he didn’t want an audience for the arousal that rocketed through him.

“Nine years is a hell of a long time,” Fletcher said.

Mitch didn’t know how he got his voice to work. He inhaled, and the scent of her—floral and musk combined—drove all rational thought out of his head. He growled under his breath as his cock shoved hard against the placket of his jeans.

Fletcher twitched, and Mitch clamped his mouth shut. He didn’t trust himself to speak right now.

“Nine years ago, I was sixteen,” the woman said, and Mitch abruptly realized who she was. Avery Tate. Paige’s best friend,his brain told him. His wolf didn’t care. The beast wanted out.The beast wanted her.

Fletcher reached out his arm, pushing against Mitch’s chest as if to ground him. Mitch exhaled, sensing Fletcher’s Alpha power slide into him like a warm, familiar hand. A bit of his normal calm returned, thank fuck. “Avery,” he said, voice so low he barely recognized himself.

Avery turned her brilliant light eyes on him, and he almost stepped back when he saw the power floating in her gaze. She’s a Queen,he thought, shocked, and then, She’s ourQueen.He reached up and gripped Fletcher’s wrist, pressing his fingertips into his best friend’s bones.

Fletcher didn’t even flinch. He glanced at Mitch, and the knowledge in his expression told him that they were on the same page.

“Mitch,” Avery replied. Her gaze shifted back to Fletcher. “And Fletcher.” She licked her lips, and Mitch felt the rumble of Fletcher’s growl on his skin. “Welcome home. It’s been a very long time.”

Fletcher dropped his arm and strode forward. Avery stepped back, but there was nowhere for her to go. Her back was at the window. Mitch followed his Alpha and stopped just as Fletcher sank his hands into Avery’s long, red hair. She gasped, eyes flashing silver, and Mitch felt her desire like a punch in the gut. She was just as aroused as they were.

“You’re all grown up,” Fletcher said to Avery. He jerked his head, short and sharp, and Mitch knew Fletcher wanted him to move in on Avery’s other side. He did as Fletcher asked, not needing words, and put his hand on Avery’s shoulder. Her skin was so hot it burned his palm, but his wolf liked it. The creature snarled, and Mitch sucked in a hard breath, fighting to keep himself from just grabbing her and throwing her down on the floor where they could fuck her easier.

Dear God, help me,he thought, half shocked by his thoughts, but also grateful. He hadn’t been able to have sex in over a year, and this woman obviously had something that both he and Fletcher needed. He didn’t mind sharing. Hell, he wantedto share with Fletcher. He neededit. He could already feel the tenuous thread that tied them together strengthening. This woman is a catalyst,he realized, but he had no idea how or why her,instead of any of the other women he and Fletcher had tried to hook up with.

Avery blinked, but astonishingly, didn’t try to get away from Fletcher’s grip. “Yes. I’m twenty-five now.”

“Thank God,” Fletcher said, and then he dipped his head and kissed her.


Avery froze, stunned when Fletcher just leaned down and kissed her, as if it were perfectly normal to kiss a woman you’d just met again after nearly a decade apart. She hadn’t minded the hands in her hair, or Mitch’s hand on her shoulder, because the touch soothed her wolf in some unfathomable fashion, and she wasn’t about to complain when the prickles in her skin calmed down. However, the kiss was another thing altogether. She lifted her hands, about to push him away, and then his tongue slipped into her mouth and all rational thought fled her skull.

Oh my God, he tastes like the wind,she thought absurdly, and then Mitch pressed up against her side, and she turned her head, gasping. Before she could take a breath, hekissed her, too. He tasted like a storm, all roiling clouds and lightning, and she realized that the two men tasted the same.She wrenched her head back, and stared at them in shock. “Oh my God. What’s happening?” She had neverfelt this way with Brian. Or anyone, for that matter.

“I have no fucking idea,” Fletcher said, staring with those golden eyes as if he could see into her soul.

Avery reached up and tugged her hair away from his fists, then moved so that Mitch’s hand fell away. Her wolf immediately howled again, and she flinched, feeling behind her for the window. She knew there was a small balcony of some sort just below this suite, and she knew she could survive the jump down. But I’m not sure I can survive another second with the two of them,she thought, panicking. How could Paige have been so right about her wanting Fletcher? And Mitch? How could her wolf suddenly go crazy, pushing her to want things she shouldn’t? She wasn’t anyone important. She couldn’t even shift.She wouldn’t bring anything helpful to the pack. Heirs usually married the daughters of Alphas, or Betas, and quite often, the pairings were politically motivated. She was nobody. I have to go,she thought, as fear speared through her arousal.

“Avery—” Mitch said, reaching out.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, and then she let herself twist backwards and down, rolling onto her feet as she landed. She risked a quick glance up—Fletcher and Mitch stared down at her—and then she pushed off and ran away.

Cover Reveal for SOULMATE!

SOULMATE will be releasing APRIL 16! 



Gay Romance, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Suspense, May/Dec
Word Count: 52,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Scroll down for excerpt.

Guy Keaton doesn’t want a hookup or a soulmate or anything in between. When he lost his wife to cancer, he knew he’d be alone for the rest of his life. He has a grown son, and his woodshop, and in a world where those born with powerful gifts are few and far between, that’s all that really matters.

Theo Fraser’s empathic gift is rare and strong. He isn’t looking for love, but when he meets Guy, everything changes, because he knows that when you find your soulmate, you hold on tight and don’t let go. The only problem is that Guy thinks he’s straight, and Theo doesn’t know if he can convince a man already set in his ways to change his mind.

Will Guy be able to give up his grief and accept Theo’s love? And what happens when a terrible betrayal forces them to fight to keep each other alive?


Story Excerpt:

“You seem very sure I’m bisexual.” Guy put his hands in his pockets.

Theo paused on the trail. He could see the trailhead just up ahead. “Aren’t you?”

Guy looked at him. “I was married for a long time.”

“That’s not an answer.” Theo took a risk and stepped closer. “I know a great way for you to find out for sure.” He ignored the little voice in his head that was telling him not to be an impulsive idiot. He looked back down the trail and waved a “wait” signal to the two bodyguards trailing them. Julio had already reached the trailhead, and Theo knew he was checking out the car. They were as alone as they were going to get right now. And it’s just a kiss. It’s not like we’re going to have sex in the middle of a hiking trail.

“How?” Guy asked, sounding wary.

“I kiss you right here, right now. If you like it, you’re bi. If you don’t, you’re not.” Theo waited, knowing even as the words left his mouth that nothing in life was as simple as what he’d just suggested. He knew that even if Guy enjoyed the kiss, there would be some serious questions for his soulmate to wade through before he came out the other side. Guy had just spent most of his life thinking he was straight, and denying the feelings that were buried deep all along. And I know firsthand that it isn’t easy to change beliefs you hold onto too tightly, Theo mused, thinking of his parents. He shook off the bad memories. Now was not the time to dredge up that emotional shitstorm.

“That’s crazy,” Guy said, half smiling, and half looking like a man about to run for the hills. “You could be a shitty kisser.”

Theo smirked. Guy hadn’t said no. “I’m an Empath. I’m incapable of being a shitty kisser.”

Guy laughed, as Theo had intended. “So the rumors about Empaths are true? They’re great in bed?”

Theo didn’t reply. He let his silence speak for him.

Guy ran a hand over the back of his neck. “This is crazy,” he muttered, repeating himself.

Theo’s cock swelled as he sensed Guy’s tentative arousal. And fear. Don’t forget the fear, he thought, as his power instinctively reached out to his soulmate. Guy was the one person in the world he would never be able to block out. He sensed Guy’s attraction to him, and his anxiety, as well as his bone-deep weariness with being sad. The relaxation he’d felt just a little while ago on the trail lingered, too.

“Yeah, okay. What the hell,” Guy said, stepping closer. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Theo grinned. “You sound like a man trying to decide if he should try out a new taco, not a kiss.”

“It’s just as terrifying,” Guy replied instantly. “You never know when a taco could be harboring one of those insanely hot peppers. I could get burned.”

Theo reached out and put a hand on Guy’s shoulder, willing him to relax. “I’m not a habanero, Guy,” Theo murmured.

“You might as well be,” Guy said, his voice catching.

Theo moved his hand from Guy’s shoulder to his cheek. “Shh.”

Guy’s eyes widened.

Theo put his thumb on Guy’s lips and sensed a sudden spike in the older man’s arousal. Here goes nothing, he thought, just before he leaned in and kissed his soulmate for the first time.


Guy froze as Theo’s lips touched his. Theo’s mouth was soft and expressive, and so damned hot he thought he might go up in flames if he moved even an inch. He stood there, trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with him, when suddenly his Craft power lit up through his body. Energy rushed through him, and he reached out to grab Theo’s arms. He meant to push him away, but he found himself clutching at the younger man as if he were a life raft and Guy was drowning.

“Easy,” Theo murmured against his mouth.

“Fuck.” Guy kissed him back, searching for … what? He had no idea. All he knew was that he’d never felt so damned aroused in his life. His cock shoved against his pants, hard and hot and insistent. He groaned when Theo slid his hands into his hair and kissed him again, licking into his mouth with intent. They were the same height, so Guy didn’t have to crane his neck down the way he’d had to in order to kiss Pamela. It was strange. Hot. More than that, though, he felt unbalanced. Confused.

Theo gentled the kiss and pulled back. “There.”

There? Who was the man kidding? Guy stared at him. Was Theo as stunned as he was? The younger man’s mouth looked red and slightly swollen. I did that to him, Guy thought, and then, But I’m straight.

“Dammit,” Theo muttered, and then he stepped closer and kissed Guy again.

This time, Theo pressed himself up against Guy’s torso, and for the first time in his life, Guy felt another man’s hard-on against his hip. “Jesus,” he gasped, unable to stop his body’s instinctive thrust forward. He grabbed Theo’s arms again, absently reveling in the man’s strength, and pulled him closer. “What the fuck is happening?”

Theo answered by biting Guy’s lower lip.

Guy moaned into Theo’s mouth, and walked them back until the younger man’s body hit the sturdy oak tree at the edge of the trail. Guy’s Craft flared again, and the tree shuddered as his energy hit it, but then Theo slid his tongue into his mouth and he didn’t care about anything except the younger man coaxing him to open himself wide. He did, and Theo bit him again. Guy’s erection swelled, and he gasped. He slid his hands down Theo’s arms to his hips.

“Oh, God,” Theo said, head thunking back against the tree as Guy pushed into him.

The Fixer – First Chapter Fun!!!

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Gay Romance, Suspense, Erotic Romance, Lawless, May/Dec
Word Count: 42,500
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Scroll down for an excerpt.

When Zero Graham wakes up in the hospital, he has only one thing on his mind: revenge on the mastermind who shot him and trashed his home. He’s the best fixer in the business, and that means he has a reputation to uphold.

Julian Amon doesn’t want to check up on his mother’s patient, but he can’t say no to her, and he finds the older man intriguingly hot. His decision to tag along when Zero checks himself out of the hospital borders on crazy, but the older man interests him, and Julian has always enjoyed a good mystery.

Zero doesn’t want or need a babysitter, but Julian’s physical competence and lack of fear push all of his buttons in exactly the right way. Violence is his kink, and the younger man doesn’t seem to mind the scent of blood, but will Julian be able to handle the pressure when Zero closes in on his enemy?


First Chapter Excerpt:

Some big motherfucker was sitting on Zeke Graham’s chest, and he didn’t like it one bit. He opened his strangely groggy eyes, about to use his considerable strength to shove the fucker onto the floor, when he realized that he couldn’t move his arms. Or breathe on his own. A horrible tube stretched from his lips down into his throat, hurting his esophagus. He couldn’t swallow. Beeping sounds from his left pierced his skull, setting off a headache worse than any he’d ever had before.

“Zero? Can you hear me? Try and relax. You’re in the hospital, and you’re on a ventilator. Don’t fight it. You’re waking up from surgery,” a female voice said. Something cool touched his arm.

Zeke, known to most everyone as Zero, struggled to order his thoughts, but everything seemed to float away from him before he could make sense of it. He tried to turn his head, but the room he was in was dim and blurry, and he couldn’t see much. He tried again to lift his arms, but he couldn’t move at all. His limbs felt like they’d been squashed underwater, and the sound of the machine breathing for him freaked him the fuck out, not that he’d show it. He counted to ten in his head. In his experience, counting slowly did more to calm him down than any fancy meditation exercise. And given his shit luck for most of his life, he needed something to keep himself from flying off the handle every other day.

“Okay, try and cough as we pull out the tubing. On three,” the voice said.

Zero counted silently as the woman counted aloud.

“One, two, and three.” She smoothly pulled the tube out of his throat.

Zero choked, then gasped as a searing pain in his chest made his headache seem like a joke. “God,” he croaked, but no sound came out.

“Easy. Your throat is still trying to figure out how to work,” the woman said, easing an ice chip between his teeth.

Nausea swept through Zero, and he frowned, clenching his teeth. The ice chip cracked in half, then melted. “Sick,” he managed to whisper.

“It’s from the anesthesia. Hang on, and we’ll get you something for that. We don’t want you vomiting with that chest wound,” the nurse said.

Zero concentrated on lying perfectly still. He must have dozed or something, because when he opened his eyes again, something burned in his arm.

“That’s the Zofran. It should help with the nausea,” a male voice said. “As soon as it kicks in, you’ll feel better.”

Somehow, Zero knew that he should be more worried about what was going on, but he couldn’t seem to focus. He closed his eyes, and drifted off. A long time later, he woke up again. The pain in his throat was better, and he could see clearly. He was in a hospital bed, in a room with a window on his right. A row of what looked like cloth cells stretched down the left-hand side of the antiseptic space and around the perimeter of the room.

“Hello there.” A male nurse bustled into his room, pushing back the curtain. “I see you’re awake. Can you tell me your name?”

Zero licked dry lips. “Zero. Zeke to my dead mother.”

“Excellent.” The man nodded, eyes on the monitor above his bed. “You’re awake, and your vitals are stable, so we’ll be taking you to your room, now.” The man turned to Zero and smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“Like a truck sat on me.” Zero tried to lift his arms, and was happy to find that they worked. Sort of. He hadn’t liked being so drugged that he couldn’t control his body. Nearly all his life, he’d had no one to depend on but himself, and he hadn’t been this vulnerable since he was a kid. He needed to be able to defend himself if necessary. “Like shit.” He tried clearing his throat, but the pain in his chest put a quick end to that action. He concentrated on breathing, counting in his head until he felt a bit calmer.

The nurse nodded. “I know you feel like crap right now, but believe me, you came through major surgery better than I’ve seen most people.” His gaze flicked down Zero’s body. “It’s a good thing you’re in excellent shape.”

Zero wanted to snort, but he had a feeling it would hurt like hell. “What did they do?” He hadn’t expected to feel so bad after surgery. He’d thought the bullet had simply slipped through his body, no biggie. He knew he had an exit wound on his back.

“You had your lung reinflated, and a fragment of a bullet removed. Apparently, a tiny piece had lodged up against one of your ribs. You’re a very lucky man.” The nurse began to unpeel the stickers and leads stuck to Zero’s “Your heart is strong though, so there’s that.”

“How long?” Zero struggled to make his mouth work. He really needed a drink, but he had a feeling that was off the table for a while.

“How long what? How long were you under? Several hours.” The nurse bundled up the EKG wires and shoved them into the cabinet under the machine.

“No.” Zeke clenched his teeth in frustration, then tried again. “How long before I can get out of here?”

“It’ll be a few days.” The nurse smiled. “Depends on how quickly you can be up and walking around. As soon as you can use the toilet by yourself, you’ll be good to go.” He undid the blood pressure cuff. “They took the catheter out while you were still under, so that’s good. As soon as you start to feel like you have to use the toilet, just let your nurse know and they’ll help you get there.”

“You’re not my nurse?” Zero swallowed again, wincing at the soreness in his throat.

“No, I work on the recovery ward. I’ll be helping you down to your room, and that’s it.”

Zero nodded, and let his eyes close again. Where the hell is Felix? And Ariana? he wondered. He’d been helping his friend out, protecting Jenna, the sister of Felix’s boyfriend, Nick, and then all hell had broken loose. That little prick Quincy Edwards had busted into Zero’s warehouse bunker, probably with the help of both intel and men from his mobster uncle. Zero had taken a shot to the chest, and Jenna had died. He grimaced. The girl had been a sweet thing, and she certainly didn’t deserve to lose her life like that. He might’ve died, too, if Felix and Nick hadn’t shown up in time to call Ariana, his doctor on call. She was another one of his favors. He’d helped her out with a problem years ago, and she owed him a house call. She’d shown up, no questions asked, thank God. He’d been in the service with her husband, too, so the connections with her family were tight. He grimaced. He didn’t like to call in the favor, but it was a good thing he knew her.

“Ok, there, Mr. Zero, hang on and we’ll wheel you down.”

“Please, it’s just Zero,” he said as he opened his eyes to find out that a hospital aide and a new nurse had appeared out of nowhere. A frisson of fear shot through him as he took in their unfamiliar faces. Hell. I’m really out of it. I’m going to bite it if I don’t get my shit together. He couldn’t afford to be drifting in and out of life like this. He had enemies. He had a business to run. Contracts to place, and goods to sell. He wasn’t used to being so weak. It wasn’t safe.

“So, what do you do for a living?” the nurse asked. Her cheerful demeanor told Zero she didn’t mean anything by her question. She unlocked the wheels on the bed and nodded to the aide. The man pushed gently, and the bed began to roll toward the double doors at the end of the ward. “Are you a cop?”

A cop? Amusement rushed through Zero. She’s just making small talk, he told himself so his mind wouldn’t go zooming off into what-ifs. He had no capacity to plan for an exit right now, so he needed to make do with the situation as it was. “Not a cop. What would you say if I told you I was a fence?” he asked, smiling slightly. He flexed his fingers and toes, gratified to feel the weird, groggy tingling recede. The more awake he became, the better he felt about his situation. He could think again, which was what had bothered him more than anything else. Pain he could handle. Not having his brain work was a disaster he couldn’t bear to contemplate.

“You like to tell tales, don’t you?” The woman laughed, and her braids bobbed as she smiled down at him. “Since you’re not a policeman, I thought you’d say you were a bouncer. You look like you could bench press a horse.” She guided the bed down the hall. “Next you’ll be telling me that you’re a world-famous assassin, or a spy, like James Bond.”

No, being a contract killer is my best friend Felix’s job. Zero smiled wider, despite the pain starting to bleed through the fading anesthesia. “I did work as a bouncer once, my dear.” If he’d been feeling better, he’d flirt a little. The ladies enjoyed it, and somehow, they always knew he didn’t mean anything serious with it. “And I can mix a delightful martini.”

“You’re a sweet talker, aren’t you?” The nurse grinned as she punched the button for the elevator. Her dark skin gleamed even in the harsh hospital light, and Zero suddenly wished he had his camera. He liked taking pictures of people.

Everyone should have a hobby, he mused, thinking about how he’d light her face. Of course, the handsome male aide silently pushing the bed from behind was more his type, but Zero wasn’t one to discriminate when it came to art.

“I’m Jacinda. You just lie back and enjoy the ride,” the nurse said.

Zero nodded, frowning when the last remnants of the anesthesia made him dizzy. “Will I have a private room?” he asked as they wheeled him into the empty elevator.

Jacinda looked at him in surprise. “Of course. Doctor Amon arranged everything for you. I thought you knew. They told me you were conscious when you came in for treatment.” The elevator binged, and the doors opened. They pushed his bed out.

“I am still waking up,” Zero said, wondering if Ariana would make an appearance at his bedside. It would probably be better for her if she didn’t. He made a mental note to call her and make sure she stayed far away. If Felix had completed matters like he’d expected, that disgusting twit Quincy would be dead by now, and his uncle, Robert Edwards, would be out for blood. Zero didn’t want Ariana getting caught in the crossfire when he eliminated the man. He wasn’t keen on anyone breaking into his home. Not only was it bad for business, he also had a reputation to maintain.

“Ah, it looks like you have visitors already,” Jacinda said, pushing him into a room. She arranged the bed near a bank of monitors on the wall, then locked the wheels. The aide helping her wandered out, and Jacinda busied herself with letting down the side rail of the bed nearest the bathroom. “Whenever you feel up to it, just push this button and I’ll help you to the bathroom.”

“Of course,” Zero said, and she patted his arm before heading out of the room. He turned his attention to the two men waiting by the window. “How interesting. I thought the two of you would be too busy to come check up on me.” His voice still had a hint of rasp to it, but he made an effort to speak clearly. He didn’t want anyone to know how weak he felt, even his friends. Felix scowled at his words, and Nick frowned. Zero sensed their exhaustion, even through his own post-surgical weariness.

“We’ve completed our business,” Felix said, not elaborating.

Judging from the shadows under Nick’s eyes, Zero knew precisely what that business had been. Quincy Edwards was dead. “Heading west, then?” He thought briefly about apologizing, but the two men already knew how deeply regretful he felt about Jenna’s death. Nick looked like a man floundering on the edge of drowning, and didn’t need to rehash the circumstances of his sister’s death.

“Yes. I don’t really want to stick around,” Nick said, rubbing his eyes. “Especially since Felix won’t let me go after Quincy’s uncle.”

“Felix knows that villain is my problem to solve,” Zero said softly.

“Even though he helped his nephew kill my sister?” Nick demanded angrily. He took a step forward, but then stopped when Felix put a hand on his arm.

Zero sighed, and the pain in his chest reminded him that he wasn’t up to hunting anyone at the moment, damn it all to hell. Patience, he told himself. “Even so. He invaded my home. He is my responsibility. I don’t take kindly to men breaking into my sanctuary. Clearly, he wanted me dead because I would not work for him. Vindictive bastard.”

Felix nodded. “We understand.”

Zero knew his friend Felix truly did get it. He wasn’t so certain about his friend’s new boyfriend. “I promise that he will not enjoy my justice, dear Nick.”

Nick glared at him, then shrugged off Felix’s arm. “I don’t have the resources to do what needs to be done, despite my skills. I’d need your help anyway. I’m a thief, not a killer.” He started pacing at the foot of the bed.

Zero watched him for a moment, feeling the exhaustion from his surgery dragging at his limbs. “You need rest, and to grieve. I will properly dispose of the criminal, and we will all live happily ever after, yes?” He hoped Nick took the hint. The only thing Zero wanted right now was to sleep some more, and maybe take a piss.

Felix, inscrutable as always, leaned back against the windowsill. “Nick. Let it go. Zero will do what he said.”

“Fuck, Felix—” Nick began, but Zero cut him off.

“It is regrettable, what happened to your sister. I will tie up all the loose ends as soon as I am on my feet. Do not fret over it. You know my word is good, and that is precisely why I will handle the situation. My reputation is my business.” Zero pushed the button on the side rail, elevating the bed a bit more. He needed to face Nick properly, so the man could see his intention on his face. “We’ve worked well together for several years, haven’t we? We have made a great deal of money.”

Nick stopped pacing and stood in the center of the room, hands clenched into fists. “Yes.”

“Then trust that I will take care of it,” Zero said. He glanced at Felix. “You’ve explained to him how we met, correct?” He still remembered that day vividly. He’d been barely fourteen, an early freshman in his new high school. The bleachers had stretched above his head like prison bars. The boys holding him down thought it would be funny to rape a “fucking faggot”, as they liked to call him. Felix, a senior at the same school, had discovered the boys assaulting Zero, and used his fists to convince them that it was a very bad idea. Since then, Zero’s loyalty to Felix for saving him from a brutal had never wavered, and he wasn’t about to let the man down now, despite the recent debacle.

Felix nodded.

“Good. Then you understand that I keep my word.”

Nick shoved his hands into his pockets. “You didn’t keep Jenna safe, though, did you?”

Zero would have liked to shake some sense into Nick, but he didn’t have the energy for it right now. And, too, the man was clearly grieving deeply. “You know what happened, and you know how deeply I am sorry for her loss,” he merely said. He couldn’t have predicted that fucking Robert Edwards would give his nephew the manpower to break into Zero’s warehouse, especially not when the older Edwards wanted his nephew dead. He cocked his head, thinking about the situation. “I believe that Edwards was simply trying to ensure his nephew’s death, above and beyond the contract that he took out on the boy. What better way to do that than to break into my home? Though very few people know where I lived, everyone knows how I feel about threats against me and mine. He would know that I’d retaliate swiftly. Even better if I died during the process. The elder Edwards has never liked my independence, and I would never work for him directly.”

“Edwards didn’t pay up yet, I noticed,” Felix murmured.

Zero nearly smiled at his old friend’s single-minded thought process, but held back when he looked at Nick again. The poor man was doing his best to hold it together, but he had a way to go before his grief over his sister’s loss ran its course. “I will check into the situation tomorrow,” Zero merely said.

“You still expect him to pay for the contract he put out on his nephew’s head, after all that happened?” Nick asked.

“But of course,” Zero said, surprised that such an experienced thief would need an explanation. “Business is business. The circumstances of the kill do not invalidate the matter of Quincy’s death. Felix is owed his money for the job. If Edwards does not pay, the contract will be declared void, and Edwards’ ability to do business will be damaged. He dare not risk it.” Zero reached up and rubbed his face. He was beginning to feel a lot more pain. He glanced at the nurse’s button, then decided against calling her. Pain never killed anyone. Spiraling down into a hole of opioid medication could very well mean his end. He had no intention of becoming addicted to any substance. He would endure, and he would heal, as he had so many other times in his life.

“You act as though Edwards will be able to continue doing business at all. Dead men don’t get to fucking do business, Zero,” Nick bit out.

At that, Zero had to let his smile out. He knew he didn’t look healthy, or happy, and that the smile was more of a baring of teeth than anything else. “I want him to suffer before he dies, Nick.” He looked at his old friend, Felix, and saw understanding in his expression. “And for him to suffer, he needs to not quite understand what is coming for him.”