The Criminals Series (MM suspense)

The Criminals follow their own code of justice…

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Felix Zamaro: 45 years old, dark hair, hazel eyes, stubble. Assassin. Contract killer. Was military sniper. Tired of his career. Has saved a lot of money. Not looking for a change, but it finds him. Thought he was heterosexual. Favorite weapon: Ruger M77.

Nick Banner, 26 years old, blond hair, blue eyes. Thief. Small tattoo of open lock on hip. In town to help his sister escape from her abusive boyfriend.


Zeke (Zero) Graham: 40 years old, bald, dark eyes. Felix’s longtime contract facilitator, and Nick’s fence. He’s brilliantly smart, but people underestimate him because of his bruiser looks.

Julian Amon: 23 years old, dark red hair, blue eyes. Brilliant investor, but no one knows about his skills.