Long and Short Reviews loved Her Dangerous Mistake

Long and Short Reviews gave Her Dangerous Mistake 4.5 stars!


“What makes Her Dangerous Mistake so appealing is the plot conflict and the romance. The suspense, action and drama are so solid that the sex is just a spicy sweet topping that enhances the mix. The two of them are hot stuff, literally and figuratively.

As far as the happy ever after, there’s a wonderfully detailed epilogue that tied up their romance with complete happiness. Their future is going to be filled with a lot of challenges – the writing assured me of that – but together Neil and Moira have a bright future and the ending was as romantic and life affirming as I could wish.”

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Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Shifters, May-Dec, Rubenesque, Suspense
Word Count: 52,430
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing


Moira is on the run—her apartment has been trashed, her bank account hacked, and someone is stalking her. Only one man is dangerous enough to keep her safe … that is, if she can convince him to help her. Neil Deven used to be her father’s best friend until betrayal turned him violent. Neil disappeared, and finding him might be the biggest mistake of her life, but Moira won’t survive alone.

Neil remembers Moira as a sweet little girl caught in the middle of her father’s criminal life. The gorgeous woman who shows up at his door is anything but a child, but he’s already got problems. Dragon shifters are a dying race with no way to change form, yet Neil’s powers keep growing. And Moira stirs long lost instincts—he can’t deny her need. He must protect the woman who will be his mate, or die trying.





Open Skye Book Reviews loved A Warlock’s Best Friend!


Open Skye Book Reviews gave A WARLOCK’S BEST FRIEND 4.5 stars!

“This was SO MUCH FUN! It was silly, and sexy, and magical and just…. FUN!

It’s a short story of two guys who are BFFs but who have never had an inkling they might be interested in men sexually. After some “practice” leads to them pretty much jumping head first into a sexual relationship with one another, some other pretty funky stuff starts to happen around town and now the fact that they’re warlocks really comes into play. (For the first half of the book I was like “where’s the magic and powers and stuff?!)

Well, the second half is all magic all the time and it’s ridiculous and wonderful at the same time. The boys are super cute with one another and the evil villains end in a way that is HYSTERICAL.”


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Gay Romance, Paranormal, Humor
Word Count: 15,445
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Dakota thought moving to a new town for his new job would be easy. He gets to live with his best friend Leo, far from the machinations of his mother and the witches who want his genes. Unfortunately, his new boss keeps hitting on him. Is there nowhere a nice guy can hide from women who want his body?

Leo thinks pretending to be his best friend’s lover will be hilarious. He loves a good joke, and he’s delighted that Dakota finally lives close enough for them to hang out again like they did as kids. So what if they’re not gay? It’s all for a good cause: keep Dakota out of the clutches of a crazy woman.

Neither of them expects their charade to feel so real. How were they supposed to know that one kiss would lead to sex, or that true power comes from love?




Open Skye Book Reviews loved Gunpoint!


Open Skye Book Reviews gave GUNPOINT 4.5 stars!

“If you’re looking for a unique shifter story with dark heroes this is it!

I love Erin’s writing style and find her stories easy to fall into. She always delivers on the smexy times and the feels and the heas. I look forward to following this series and seeing where it goes. It’s a little bit “darker” than the Bad Oak Boys series (reviewed here :   ) but not more angsty.

Highly recommended for fans of the author, unique shifter series, darker MCs and satisfying heas.”

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Gay Romance, Shifters, Suspense, Erotic Romance
Word Count: 39,000
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Soul-bruised and bitter, Charlie left the military for peaceful solitude. When he’s mugged at gunpoint, his isolation is shattered, because the guy with the weapon is his mate, and Charlie’s falcon insists on truth: the other half of his soul is a desperate man who doesn’t know he’s a shifter.

Warren has no money for rent, his sister’s ex beat her bloody, and he’s working double shifts to survive. He thought his life couldn’t get any worse, but then he mugs an ex-soldier who somehow turns the tables and offers him something impossible: hope.

Of course, nothing is that simple, and Charlie’s resistance to their bond sabotages their relationship before it really begins. Warren can handle hardship, but now his enemies are bigger than the bully next door, and he’s broken the darkest taboo of the Sky Hunter falcons. Only Charlie can save him, but can a damaged ex-soldier save himself, too?



Cocktails and Books loved Kaylee’s First Crush! #review


Cocktails and Books gave Kaylee’s First Crush 4.5 stars!

This was, and I’m not kidding, one of the hottest books I’ve ever read.  I still have a fluttering in my tummy, and other parts of me are fluttering as well.

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Rubenesque, May/December, Erotic Romance, MF
Word Count: 20,000
Heat Level 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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The last person Kaylee expects to run into when her flight is cancelled is Mr. Hugo Valtree, her favorite high school teacher. It’s been five years since she graduated and she’s never forgotten the sexy man who’d been her first crush. Now she’s all grown up, but he’s still out of her league: he’s inherited his father’s company, making him a billionaire. She’s still shy, still a virgin—what can she possibly have to offer him?

Surprisingly, Hugo offers her something instead, something she desperately needs: a place to stay for the night. It’s storming outside and just her luck, all the hotels in the city are booked. Of course, there’s only one bed in his hotel room…



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What are people saying about Kaylee’s First Crush?

Kitties Like Books Too – 4 stars!

“I always love a student/teacher romance and this one is a new favorite. Pleasantly naughty sex scenes and superior writing skills kept my attention on the story and distracted me from my real life woes (for which I am eternally grateful).”

Storm Goddess Book Reviews – 4.5 stars!

“Now this was one hot and erotic read.”

Night Owl Reviews loved Mr. Rockstar!

I’m so happy that Night Owl Reviews loved Mr. Rockstar. They made it a NOR Top Pick! Here’s some of the review:

The chemistry between Marvin and Isabelle is searing hot. Isabelle has trouble dealing with the sudden fame that dating a celebrity entails. Marvin is the one that is the most confident that Isabelle will find a way to deal with it. The sex scenes were scorching hot.

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Editor's Pick
Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Rubenesque, MF
Word Count: 42,200
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Isabelle’s best friend is getting married and guess who’s the maid-of-honor?

Going to the wedding alone isn’t an option, so when Isabelle’s brother sends his buddy to her rescue, she can hardly believe who it is: rocker Marvin Clementine! He shows up at her door incognito, but nothing can hide the sexy smile that melts her spine.

At the wedding, he is the perfect gentleman right up until Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend attacks him. When Marvin punches him in the nose, taking him down with one swing, what can Isabelle do except take Mr. Rockstar home and kiss his wounds until he’s better?

Of course, one night of bliss isn’t enough for her to overcome her fears. Marvin’s celebrity lifestyle freaks her out, and it would be crazy to move to L.A., right? Especially for someone as shy as Isabelle. Unfortunately, she’s pretty sure Marvin is her one true love…



BookStrand MF Romance Bestseller!