St. Patty’s Day sale at Evernight! \o/



Evernight is running a one day sale on Sunday in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. ALL BOOKS will be 50% off. Plus, one shopper will receive a $50 EP gift certificate.

Do you know what that means? Yes! My latest Romance on the Go short story, Little Dove, will be $1.50 on Sunday. You CANNOT beat that. All my other Evernight books will be half off, too. Click on the covers below to check them out:

little-dove   Love Desperately   Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word   Risk Is A Four-Letter Word

Sales and bestsellers and blogs oh my!

Love, Desperately is STILL a bestseller at BookStrand: Short Stories BookStrand bestsellers

All my Evernight titles are ON SALE at ARe: 50% off all books at ARe

My alter-ego, Marie E. Blossom, has a fabulous blog post up at USA Today Happy Ever After: Marie E. Blossom: Science fiction is sexy

Today I begin work on a new novel!!! Here’s the very beginning (rough draft):

Seth changed for the first time when he was ten years old. One minute he was asleep, dreaming of running through the woods out back, and the next he was awake, heart pounding. The covers were heavy and hot and he struggled to breath, panic working its way up his spine. It wasn’t until he was able to wriggle his way out that he realized everything was different. His room smelled … odd. He could see clear as day even though the only light was from the crescent moon stamped on the sky outside the window like an omen. He tried to sit up, but his body didn’t work that way anymore. He tried to call out, hoping his mom or dad or someone would hear, but the sound that came from his mouth wasn’t human. He fell to the floor, body twisting, and landed on all fours. His room smelled like dust and fear.

Yup. It’s a shapechanger novel. I’m so excited!

Evernight Publishing is Two Years Old!

And there are a TON of cool things happening because of all the birthday celebrations! The scavenger hunt for many goodies is happening right now: click here for details.

There are books on SALE at All Romance E-books! 50% off—that doesn’t happen everyday, now does it?

And last, but not least, I’ve got a little interview up at Jennifer Denys’ blog under my new pen name: Marie E. Blossom. Go check it out!