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Evernight is having a sale this weekend!

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All Romance eBooks is also having a sale!

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Appassionato is a Retro Release at BookStrand! Get it for half off!

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Appassionato released!

Risk Is A Four-Letter Word is an ARe bestseller!

Risk Is A Four-Letter Word

Risk Is A Four-Letter Word is an ARe bestseller! And I totally didn’t expect that! I certainly didn’t expect it to happen over a year AFTER it was released, but hell, I’ll take it. 😀

I can only conclude, it’s because people wanted to read the other books in the series after seeing that Lick Is A Four-Letter Word was out. That’s cool. This series is all about taking risks and chance encounters. How else do we meet our destiny and fall in love?


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I have a free MMF story in ARe’s newest newsletter! If you want to read it, you must subscribe to the newsletter. You will get an email with the latest issue. To do that, click here. The issue with my story isn’t yet available on their website for download as a PDF, but it will be pretty soon.

Two at Once is a steamy romp with Paige and two hotties. She has a problem … with her house. She needs help from a few guys who do amazing work with their hands…


Feeling awkward? Throw some stars on yourself. Or wear rainbow tights.

When I was a little kid, my teachers liked to reward good grades on tests with little sticky stars. Now, every time I see a pack of them in the store I get all kinds of nostalgic. Sometimes they’d peel off my tests until just the little residue in the shape of a star was left. I didn’t care. I knew that the star meant I’d done well. Being a kid is fraught with awkwardness and confusion and I was willing to take any kind of praise I could get.

Being an adult is surprisingly full of a great deal of awkwardness and confusion, too. No one tells you this when you’re a kid, but it’s true. At one of my jobs (yes, a real grownup job in an office in Manhattan, I kid you not) there was a group of women who actively disliked me (actually, dislike is too mild a term for how they felt). Sometimes they’d throw trash over the cubicle walls onto my desk. They bitched about me in the bathroom: “She’s so unprofessional! And her frizzy hair! Did you see who she ate lunch with the other day?” Part of the reason they hated me was because a few of my outfits were a bit, ahem, colorful (rainbow striped tights—whatever, I was CHIC).

Anyway, AWKWARD is a situation with which I am intimately familiar. So when my boss told me I was doing a great job, I gave myself a little mental silver star and got on with my day. If I could have I would’ve pasted stars all over myself and paraded in front of those women, happily giving them a mental eff you as I walked past, but the damn things are notoriously difficult to stick onto fabric. So, whatever. I wore STRIPED TIGHTS instead. I wore those tights a LOT. Every time one of those women grimaced at me I laughed inside (every grimace = a wrinkle later on).

Today I woke up and found a brand new silver star stuck onto the page of Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word at All Romance ebooks (ARe). This means that my book is a bestseller! The little girl in my head jumped up and down and freaked out because she got an STAR!!! on her novel. A star! I haven’t received a star for anything since second grade ended about a zillion years ago. Stars are cool.

Over on BookStrand, I was thrilled to see that Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word is one of the featured bestsellers. It’s like I got a double star! DOUBLE-STARS! Double-stars are seriously awesome. Not everyone gets those stuck on their books.

Double stars are cool, yo.

After that, I clicked on Amazon and found A FIVE STAR REVIEW for Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word. Yes, I can’t emphasize it enough. FIVE. STARS. Dear reviewer: I love you. No, really. I have some stars for you, because you are awesome and now I have extras. *throws some sticky stars at Lisa O*. My favorite part of the review: “…she manages to write with a humor that had me chuckling aloud.”

Honestly, that comment is worth more than five stars. It’s a freaking star cluster. Why? Because the point of writing is to communicate with a reader. With this book I wanted to make my readers laugh and spend an enjoyable few hours with my characters. That comment told me that I’d actually managed to accomplish what I’d wanted. That right there is a GIANT star in the life of a writer. I’m going to have to dig out my rainbow tights and wear them in celebration.