Tantalizing Tuesday with Francene Carroll

1. Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

I use a pen name because I really like the idea of having another identity. When I go into my romance writing state of mind I become Francene, and it’s a bit of an escape. I think it helps me to relax and be creative.

2. What is your favorite novel that you’ve written? Read?

My favorite novel I’ve written is my new release Pleasure Island. It’s set on a reality tv show and both characters are very stubborn and flawed in different ways. They are complete opposites and really spark off each other. I had so much fun with them and when I finished writing the book it was hard to let them go.

3. Does the environment affect your writing (where you live, the seasons, the weather, etc.)?

Yes! I’m very affected by my environment and I find it hard to write somewhere that is messy or unpleasant. I recently moved into an old house which is in need of renovations and this has posed a bit of a problem with inspiration.

4. Where is your favorite/most bizarre place to have your characters boink?

I write mainstream romance so my characters don’t get too hot and heavy in unusual places, but I do look forward to reading other authors’ answers to this question.

5. Do you base your heroines/heroes on photos of celebrities? If so, who?

Totally! When I was writing Pleasure Island I based the character of Jack, who is an alcoholic and bad boy, on Charlie Sheen. The character of Allie has red hair and is a bit quirky, so I based her on the actress Judy Greer. I even make up Powerpoint presentations with images of the characters and settings to help me when I get writer’s block.

In my first book Shadows of Yesterday the character of Daniel Eastman was based on the delicious Aaron Eckhart – in my opinion one of the hottest men in Hollywood today.

6. Bonus question! What’s the last thing you ate today?

Gluten-free museli with rice milk.

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